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ALL FAKE! ‘White Helmets’ busted using actors!

March 11, 2018

* 12 lies about the White Helmets  

By Glenn Canady

From Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

The mainstream media or as we call them the Fake News has just been busted big time! I’m sure many of you have heard of the famous “White Helmets” in Syria. 60 Minutes and every other fake news outlets constantly talks about them and how they are helping to save the children from the chemical weapons. Never mind that every single time they’ve told us that Assad has used chemical weapons has been just one more lie! It’s all about using their scumbags like Anderson Cooper to get the people brainwashed so we go off to fight another war based on lies. Remember when they told us we HAD to go into Iraq because he (Saddam Hussein) had weapons of mass destruction. This was told to us by every fake news outlet in the United States!

Well now we just caught the famous “White Helmets” with their pants down in their studio using crisis actors! Putting makeup on adults and kids to get us into another stupid war! As you can see in the photo above, Netflix has some movie about the White Helmets coming out! It’s all FAKE and a FRAUD. Check out the pictures shown in my video above.

Spread the word about this White Helmet fraud to everybody to show them how fake 60 Minutes and everybody else is on the TVs. Everything they show you is a LIE to make you feel a certain way so they can control you! They’ve been pushing these White Helmet liars for years now! I’m asking all truth warriors to post this everywhere so we can wake up more people from their fake news slumber! It’s all about War, Taking Your Guns, Getting you injected with their poison vaccines and making you love scum like Barack Obama who is directly against God on everything! Don’t buy any of it. In fact, laugh at the fake mainstream news whenever you are around other people! Tell them it’s nothing but lies and fake news and nobody believes them anymore!

From The Truth Seeker

In Photos: White Helmets media studio producing “evidence of Assad regime war crimes”

South Front — via Global Research March 7, 2018

A pro-government media activist, Penelope Stafyla, has released a series of photos reportedly showing a media studio of the White Helmets, which produces “evidence of Assad regime war crimes” in the Eastern Ghouta region, near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

These photos are especially interesting amid circulating reports about a new “chemical attack” by the “Assad regime” in Eastern Ghouta. The new “chemical attack” narrative came amid large gains by government forces against militants groups in the area and allegedly injured over 30 people.

For example, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported the alleged incident citing a report by the White Helmets (source):

At least 30 people were treated for breathing difficulties after a regime chlorine gas attack in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, according to a Syrian civil defense agency on Tuesday.

Several children and women were among the victims of the attack in Hamuriye town on Monday, the White Helmets said in a statement.

The civil defense agency said two of its rescue workers were among the casualties.

Order Mark Taliano’s Book “Voices from Syria directly from Global Research.  

Taliano talks and listens to the people of Syria. He reveals the courage and resilience of a Nation and its people in their day to day lives, after more than six years of US-NATO sponsored terrorism and three years of US “peacemaking” airstrikes.

Mark Taliano combines years of research with on-the-ground observations to present an informed and well-documented analysis that refutes  the mainstream media narratives on Syria. 


From → World Watch

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