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Cry For Help from Benjamin Allen Sullivan

March 12, 2018

He’s targetted to be killed or destroyed by CIA, FBI, CSIS and Canadian government for his Intellectual Property, which has been stolen from him by these crooks!

CSIS – Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Benjamin Allen Sullivan has also been implanted – against his will – with chips / micro‐processors in his pituitary gland (to control his emotions), central nervous system (to control his body); radio and microphone in his jaw / throat.

“This intelligence community is conducting a full smear campaign to discredit me and label me as crazy, to obscure their murders and crimes, to obscure my Science, Physics, and Discoveries.”

By Benjamin Allen Sullivan

“I Need Your Help Now – Reporting this or in any other way – These people will kill me shortly otherwise. This is all the TRUTH!!!* *HELP ME and MY FAMILY!!!”

My family and me need your help immediately; we need:

  1. Medical Attention for the removal of these implants and the remainder of me repaired after years of torture, abuse, and multiple attempts at my life. My family here in DC with me and the same. If you think that the Nano Technological Revolution has not passed long ago – think again. These implants are real;
  2. I need a Whistle-Blower Attorney (and firm) for the no fail contingency case of a lifetime (I am willing to pay a premium – millions);
  3. Main Stream Media Reporting the Truth;
  4. Academia validating my Discoveries, Physics, and Science and reporting the same; and
  5. An apartment or hotel immediately (I am sleeping in a park).

The following is Benjamin Allen Sullivan’s desperate plight in his own words …

The Truth

This is the Truth – This is the reason behind the lies and fake new of “Russia-Gate” This intelligence community has produced fake news and convoluted all of this to prevent this – the Actual Truth – from being exposed and published:

Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate

3.6 Trillion; The Quantum Technological Revolution that I own and the Murder, Torture, Coercion, and Theft behind it…

Botched CIA Murder Operation in Russia; CSIS Murdering Ring of Citizens; World-Changing Physics

Help Me – I will pay a premium (Millions) – No Fail Contingency Case of a lifetime!

This CIA has tried to kill me multiple times in conjunction with CSIS.

Botched CIA Murdering Operation in Russia:

Send everywhere and publish everywhere! World-Changing Physics

This intelligence community has prevented me from obtaining representation and exposing the truth to the public.

Help my Family and Me!

I need the attached information (unequivocal truth) uploaded for everyone to see. I have tried unsuccessfully.

Good afternoon, my name is Benjamin Allen Sullivan. I have world and humanity changing discoveries (Mathematics, Physics, and Otherwise) that have been prevented from recognition and academic accreditation by the intelligence community. Below is the information that I have sent to thousands of Media, Government, my Fellow Americans, Academia, and every legitimate faucet of Democracy relentlessly without success (manipulation by the CIA et al.).

I have attached my discoveries (Unification) and the patents that I own (including filing certificates) for the Quantum Technological Revolution (Quantum Radio and Communications, Quantum Imager, and Quantum Encryption Systems and Software) are available at the links provided below.

Send my intellectual property to every Patent Attorney and person that you know.

The intelligence community has stolen and prevented the filing and sale of my intellectual property. I own the Quantum Technological Revolution worth Trillions of Dollars.

My family and I need your help – our lives depend on it!

I had a deadline of 13 July 2017 to have these filed with WIPO and have them fully protected. There is no way that I could have accomplished this after these people have systematically destroyed my life.

These people have manipulated my life in every way and prevented the sale and filing of my intellectual property and prevented the establishment of my business to exploit my discoveries, physics, and science.

In fact, there is absolutely no statute for time (or even my actions – which have been honorable and truthful) as long as these illegal implants remain in my body and my U.S. Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties are being discarded with every legitimate facet of democracy prevented from functioning.

This intellectual property is worth trillions of dollars and it has been stolen (I possess the patents for a quantum radio, quantum communications system, quantum imager, quantum encryption and associated software – filing certificates attached and other intellectual property prevented from filing). I can pay you/your firm with the recovery and filing of this intellectual property which is an integral component of this case. This is the contingency case of a lifetime and I am willing to pay a premium for your firm’s legal help.

I will engage the Affirmative Asylum process (I have an I-589 electronically filled out – attached).

I am a full U.S. Citizen (exclusively) and entitled to ALL my Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. My U.S. Government (CIA) Drugged me by stabbing with a needle and put these illegal implants in my body.

I am living by squatting in houses, in a tent, or in shelters after arriving in DC on 02 July 2017. I entered the US from Mexico by swimming across the Rio Grande and hitchhiking my way here. I do not have a fixed-address. I am prepared (and looking forward to) being a witness against these criminals and bringing them all to justice via legitimate democratic trials on home US soil with public access, media, public accountability, and all the components of democracy functioning.

I need your counsel more than you can imagine. I require a lawyer that is willing to tackle the former director of the CIA, the U.S., and Canadian Governments, CSIS, and the remainder of the implicated intelligence communities involved.

I am in constant fear of my life and need your help and your legal counsel!

I know how incredible all of this sounds (and it is incredible), I could not make this up if I wanted to and I have the substantiating evidence to support it. Please start with reading the document: CSIS Murdering Ring and Operation in Russia

Please help me immediately.

I have also temporarily abolished a former business website to place all the documentation in one place:

Please Help Me!

*note* that my phone no longer works (internet phone number 202-381-1245 – if I am connected) and I can only be contacted via e-mail: CEO@BASRC.Biz I can phone you prior if we arrange it, and I am able to meet with you in person (preferred) once you have had a chance to review all the information.

Benjamin Allen Sullivan

Email: CEO@BASRC.Biz


Help My Family and Me Pamphlets: Distribute!!!

Go read more about Benjamin Allen Sullivan’s situation HERE.


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  1. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    Thank-you for reporting this – it is the first step towards achieving Justice.

    I will not forget it and your Blog will be repaid in kind once I have Justice and my Intellectual Property back.

    This is literally the first step towards saving my life and my families lives.



    On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 3:48 AM, i am a malaysian wrote:

    > ewoon posted: “He’s targeted to be killed/destroyed by CIA, FBI, CSIS and > Canadian Government for his intellectual property Source By Benjamin > Allen Sullivan “I Need Your Help Now – Reporting this or in any other way – > These people will kil” >

  2. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    Thank-you for reporting this – it is the first step towards achieving Justice.

    I will not forget it and your Blog will be repaid in kind once I have Justice and my Intellectual Property back.

    This is “Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate”.

    This is literally the first step towards saving my life and my families lives.



  3. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    I will repay your website in kind when I have Justice as I have previously said (promised).

    I still need an Attorney, and these governments are covering up Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate.

    I am still being targeted.

    If you want to make an investment in your (our) future – it doesn’t get any better than below.

    Please help me – share everywhere – I need Justice now!!!

    Thank-you – Ben

  4. Bonnie Lee Boden permalink

    How are you Ben? Are you still in need of help? I would like to send you to someone. First the implants. We can also try to come to you but not for a bit.

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