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“How I had high blood pressure all my life and after taking 250 mg of Magnesium I was cured”

March 17, 2018

* Magnesium supplements may help to lower blood pressure
* 21 reasons why you need a good Magnesium supplement  

By A.C., User ID: 68158332

I had high BP all my life from first reading at 14 with consistent 159/ 95 all the way through my 30s. I was on various meds with no control of high bp. In fact the meds made me worse and sent me to hospital.

I did research and found liw cost and easily available Magnesium wound solve my problems. The trick is not to take so much so fast life most people do. DO NOT START WITH 400+ MG amounts.

Start with 250 mg single dose. I suggest during the day as it functions as a diuretic and you might have to pee more which is good. Make sure your drinking enough water.

You can after 90 days go up to twice a day if you do not have any issues and you need a bigger drop but for me I only now take single 300 md dose once a day and I have a rock solid 120/70 bp abs eat normal food and no salt restrictions.

You should see some results after 90 days with total investment under $10.

I hope this helps as it changed my life and I currently take no medication of any kind.


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