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The real reason why Trump bombed Syria

April 19, 2018


It was a shock to many of us in the alternative media truth community to watch Trump use an obvious false flag gas attack as an excuse to launch a missile attack on Syria. We naturally asked ourselves: Why would he do this?

Has he been compromised? Is he being blackmailed by the deep state? What the hell is he doing?!

To understand why he decided to attack Syria it helps to imagine what would have happened had he decided NOT to do anything. He would have been crucified in the press. It would have been used as supposed evidence that he was actually a puppet of Putin, after all. The old ‘Russian collusion’ narrative would have been resuscitated, and it would have been a total mess.

Trump would have lost momentum and been knocked back on the defensive. What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to explain to the American public that the gas attack was actually a false flag staged by globalist Zionists intended to instigate WWIII? HA! Imagine the absolute field day the press would have with that. They would call him a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ a weak ‘puppet’ of Putin’s, etc. It would have undercut his whole momentum, knocking his progress back many months.

What Trump chose to do, however, was truly genius. He chose to go along with the charade and launch a missile attack on supposed chemical weapons facilities. Why was this so genius? Let us count the ways:

1.) It forced the media to sing his praises.

2.) It further undermined the Russian collusion narrative.

3.) By telling Russia which sites would be hit, the areas were able to be evacuated, resulting in extremely few casualties; we kill more people in a routine drone strike in Yemen than in this entire stunt, so it really was a non-event.

4.) Trump saw their false flag provocation, and raised them a staged missile attack—giving him even more momentum; it was geopolitical judo.

5.) Instead if bringing us closer to WWIII, it actually did the opposite, by reducing the tension with an apparently decisive show of force. ‘Mission Accomplished.’

6.) By hitting the supposed chemical weapons facilities he undercut the deep state’s ability to stage future false flag gas attacks; Trump supposedly just blew up the Syrian government’s chemical weapons, so now they can’t use chemical weapons again—see?!

7.) It was engineered to benefit not only the weapons manufacturers in the US, but also those in Russia; the Russians shot down 70% of the missiles—allowing the Russians to not only save face, but show off their missile defenses, and was overall great news for the military industries on both sides.

8.) It gives yet another chance for everyone to freak out, and for Trump to step in and decisively conclude the issue, setting everyone at ease, and establishing him as a strong, decisive leader.

9.) The fact that it WAS a false flag only helps to wake more people up to the deceitful ways the globalist attempt to start wars for profit; most people are still sleeping, but at least this new obviously false attack helps wake more people up.

10.) It gave Pompeo the opportunity to come across well, with his anti-Russia hawkish rhetoric, during his confirmation testimony, a confirmation which is far more important than any theatrical fireworks display in the Middle East.

11.) It demonstrates to the globalists that there is nothing they can do to start WWIII, or throw Trump off his game, or otherwise prevent or even delay their inevitable destruction.

What we just watched with Syria was theater. It was also geopolitical judo. We would do well to realize that it is all theater, and geopolitical judo. Even the drama on the domestic front is all theatrical. Gaslighting the media is literally Protocol 1.

So, while we keep up the good fight, and keep waking people up, let’s also not forget to enjoy the show!


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