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After CNN attacked Hannity for 2 days, Sean leaks their worst nightmare live on tv

April 21, 2018


After Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity got private counsel from President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the mainstream media spent all of Monday and Tuesday attacking him. CNN was at the forefront of the attack. They insisted that this is a “conflict of interest” and ruins any credibility Hannity previously had.

The Fox News host cleared everything up when he explained that he had never actually hired Cohen. All that took place were private discussions, however the media wasn’t finished with Hannity yet.

Last night, Hannity went on live television and exposed a disgusting secret of two famous reporters that CNN never wanted getting out.

Hannity started off, “I’m not surprised the media is going after me. It’s predictable, it’s pathetic. Now here’s the truth. The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing ME of over the last 24 hours. The media is the sewer. They are the swamp. And they’re part of this incestuous corruption and conflict and they sure don’t want to talk about transparency. Here’s why…”

Take a look at the video clip below:

Hannity started off by explaining that Jake Tapper had previously been a spokesman for an anti-gun organization. He did not disclose this information when he was hosting the CNN-sponsored “Town Hall” event on gun violence. To top it all off, Tapper was also a spokesman for A Democratic Congresswoman whose son just so happens to be married to Chelsea Clinton.

The Fox News host questioned, “Oh so did Fake News CNN ever disclose all of this when he hosted CNN’s gun control town hall a few months ago? And I wonder if Jake is going to disclose all of this on his show tomorrow? I DOUBT IT! According to the Center for Public Integrity, 96% of Presidential Campaign donations from journalists went to Hillary Clinton. Will all those people now come clean about their political contributions. And their support for Hillary Clinton?”

He went on to show a clip of ABC host George Stephanopoulos, who interviewed James Comey. You can see the ABC host verbally threatening those who oppose his political stance during his time as a senior member of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in the clip. Stephanopoulos went on to become a senior advisor to Clinton during his time in the White House. He is also a known donor of the Clinton foundation.

All of a sudden we are supposed to pretend like he is totally unbiased as a reporter?

Sean also reminded viewers that he doesn’t put on a front, unlike the leftists who are attacking him. He is and will always be a conservative Trump supporter, meanwhile the left pretends that they are “partisan,” when clearly they hate Trump.

Rush Limbaugh had something to say about the matter on his show yesterday too:

“…There is SO MUCH glaring hypocrisy. It really frosts me that hypocrisy never sticks to these people on the left. THEY define collusion, THEY define conflict of interest, THEY are architects of deceit, THEY Are never forthcoming about who they really are. And if you try to find out, they start squealing like stuck pigs that you can’t. Because they’re ‘protected by the first amendment, they are journalists so they’re never the story you can’t talk about them.”


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