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Comey under FBI investigation – Nobody calling it a “matter” this time around

April 23, 2018

* Andrew McCabe “upset” after James Comey throws him under the bus
* Ann Coulter: ‘Not sure I trust James Comey as a reliable narrator’ — ‘A gigantic, pompous fruitcake’
* Trump threatens Special Counsel Mueller with murder indictment over worst FBI scandal in history that cost US government $100 million  


Herridge reports that Comey is under investigation by the FBI IG, highly unusual given that he has no authority to investigate former employees. A criminal probe is …

Catherine Herridge was able to confirm that egomaniac James Comey, who can’t keep his mouth shut despite him digging his legal jeopardy hole deeper every time he opens it, is in fact under criminal investigation by the same FBI that he used to head up.

She states that it is an investigation by the Inspector General, but the IG is an internal affairs watchdog that has no authority to investigate former employees. Either Comey was never really fired, which is unlikely, or he is being investigated criminally by FBI agents.  [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]

It may be being conducted under some sort of special assignment to review information uncovered by the IG, in which case, again, it’s a regular criminal investigation. She says the issues under review are his leaking of memos, mishandling of classified information, and communications with individuals outside of the FBI, including reporters.

Herridge says the Comey memos revealed his relationship with President Trump was “difficult from the very beginning,” which is to be expected when a swamp creature understands that he’s at serious risk of being discovered and punished by the new President.

Herridge says, “Of the fifteen pages of memos” she has reviewed, “eight contained classified information at the ‘secret,’ which is highly sensitive, or ‘confidential’ level.” Herridge notes, “That seems to be at odds with Comey’s Congressional testimony after he was fired.”

She plays a clip of him describing his thought process, in which he claims to have written the memos in such a manner as to not trigger a classification. Maybe he should have waited for verification or perhaps he was already preparing his defense, as a former FBI Director claiming that he didn’t understand how the system worked and that he could just assume that something wasn’t classified without checking.

Herridge points out, “But in this very first memo, in January of 2017, Comey knew his conversations with the President were sensitive and not public information. ‘I’m not sure of the proper classification here,’ he wrote, ‘so have chosen secret. Please let me know if it should be higher or lower than that.’”

She summarizes, “So tonight we have a serious investigation by the Inspector General at the Justice Department and another apparent conflict between the documents and Comey’s testimony.” Brian Kilmeade notes that the Inspector General was appointed by Hussein Obama, so claims of this action being political really can’t be made.

In the Stephanopoulos interview Comey admits, “I gave ‘that unclassified’ memo to my friend and asked him to give it to a reporter. That is entirely appropriate.” Comey probably knows better and certainly nobody who isn’t involved in a cover up or trying to keep him out of prison is going to share that view. Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has a different view on just how appropriate it was for Comey to do what he did.

She points out that Comey “is a man who has nailed to the wall numerous people, from his perch at the FBI, for having mishandled classified information, for leaking. He talks in his memos how he tells President Trump he wants to go after the leakers, make an example of them.” Him deciding that he was entitled to take the documents and leak them doesn’t make it so.

She describes there being almost “a sense of entrapment” in the memos, as if Comey is urging the President to do things he really would have been better advised to handle differently, “so that he could then run back outside and write down the bad things that the President had done, in his mind.”

Strassel questions the double standard that Comey practiced, with his previous statements regarding concerns over Loretta Lynch apparently not having resulted in any similar memorialized conversations.

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