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Comey lawyers up in anticipation of charges

April 25, 2018

Comey memos contained classified info leaked to press, media reported



Ex-FBI Director James Comey has hired a personal lawyer amid speculation that he’s facing federal charges stemming from his alleged leak of classified information.

Comey’s new lawyer, former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, has so far declined to tell reporters the official reason for his hiring, but last year it was revealed that over half of his personal memos Comey leaked to the press apparently contained classified material.

Additionally, the Justice Dept. recommended that ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe face charges associated with lying to internal investigators while discussing the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation – and back in March, McCabe threatened to “take everyone down” with him if he is prosecuted, a threat that ostensibly includes Comey.

The mainstream media is claiming that Comey must have hired Fitzgerald over President Trump’s recent decision to pardon Scooter Libby, a Dick Cheney acolyte who was convicted of federal crimes after Comey recommended an investigation into Libby in 2003.

“His choice for special counsel, the prosecutor who got the guilty verdict on Libby, was none other than Fitzgerald,” reported TPM, adding that Comey and Fitzgerald have been friends since the 1980s.

The media is suggesting that Comey might serve as a “potential witness in the investigation of Trump’s campaign and potential obstruction of justice,” a theory that sounds dramatic but lacks weight given the evidence reported over the past week that points to possible wrongdoing by Comey.

It’s thus more plausible that Comey fears federal charges of his own, given what just happened to his former colleague McCabe.


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