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Karl Lentz teaches common law

April 27, 2018

Discussions between Karl and man on common law matters … what happened and what to do


Fundamentals of common law:
1.  thou flips from YOU / PERSON to man
2.  man flips statutes court (a default in ALL court cases, which deal in codified statutes in legalese) to queen’s bench and invokes common law
3.  man holds court (i.e. court becomes man’s court) and represents himself / herself
4.  case now becomes strictly between man versus another man (no ‘legal fiction’ involved and no codified statues can be applied – therefore no need for lawyers)

5.  man requires judge to call for a man (not a PERSON i.e. JOHN DOE, lawyer, prosecutor, bailiff, public servant, police officer, employee of ABC BANK, etc.) to physically appear in court to state his / her claim (i.e. press the record) against thou another man
6.  if judge interferes with man’s right, man gives notice for claim to judge for interfering in man’s right and wasting man’s time which has value (thou give notice to judge for charge of $1 per second for every second until he / she interferes no more with thy right)
7.  nopressing of record,’ man then requires judge to discharge the case for thou has done no wrong nor injured and harmed another man. Case close.

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