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Crooked Hillary pleads with top Russian criminal to protect her …

May 1, 2018

from Trump forces targeting massive Democratic party theft


A shocking new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today stunningly states that two Hillary Clinton emissaries — former FBI operative Daniel J. Jones and disgraced former US Congressman Ron Dellums — have made repeated visits over the past 7 months to the “multimillion dollar mansion”, in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, of one of Russia’s most notorious convicted criminals named Mikhail Khodorkovsky — with these visits, and subsequent continuous communications, succeeding in getting Khodorkovsky to join a new Clinton-led $50 million plot to attack President Donald Trump with “fake newsRussian collusion claims — and that coincides with loyal Trump forces quickly closing in on Hillary Clinton for her massive theft of $84 million from the Democratic Party during the 2016 US presidential campaign. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Mikhail Khodorkovsky is one of the most infamous criminals in Russian history, whose looting of state resources in the turmoil of the Soviet Union’s collapse, enabled him to become Russia’s richest person — but whose crimes were discovered leading to his arrest, trial and conviction — and whose trial the European Court of Human Rights ruled was not politically motivated, but rather “that the charges against him were grounded in reasonable suspicion — with their further ruling that Russia did, in fact, violate Khodorovsky’s detention procedures (length of time held before trial), and for which he was paid €24,543 ($29,813).

Unlike in the United States that considers its criminal oligarchs “too big to jail”, Russia actually convicts and imprisons them for their crimes — like Mikhail Khodorkovsky (above in court room holding cell)

Joining Mikhail Khodorkovsky in this new plot devised by Hillary Clinton to destroy President Trump before he can convict her of her crimes, this report continues, is the former disgraced US Congressman Ron Dellums — who was the hired lobbyist for Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with the Trump campaign before the 2016 US presidential election — and whom Veselnitskaya claims directed her to hire Fusion GPS, who were the creators of the so called “Trump-Russia Dossier” that Hillary Clinton paid millions-of-dollars to create — but with Veselnitskaya calling this dossier “absolute nonsense”, and her further claiming that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was “framed” in the creation of.

If, as Natalia Veselnitskaya claims, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was “framed” in the creation of the “Trump-Russia Dossier”, this report says, the “glare of suspicion” in whom would do so must fall upon Daniel J. Jones — who as a former FBI operative that worked for Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party leaders in the US Senate, now heads the mysterious American political opposition organization named the Penn Quarter Group.

Under the direction of Daniel J. Jones, this report details, Penn Quarter Group is now being funded with $50 million supplied by George Soros and a mysterious group of 7-10 wealthy Hillary Clinton donors from California and New York to compile more “fake news” claims that President Trump has colluded with Russia — with a “substantial portion” of this money being funneled from Penn Quarter Group to the Swiss offices of the Russian convicted criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Upon his receiving these millions-of-dollars from the Penn Quarter Group, this report notes, Mikhail Khodorkovsky created a new organization he calls “Dossier — and whose first action this past week saw him releasing the stolen private emails of Natalia Veselnitskaya that the US mainstream propaganda media quickly claimed constituted “proof” that she was an “informant” and a Russian spy — but whose true facts of show no such thing as all that Veselnitskaya’s stolen emails confirmed was that in the past she had worked closely with the Russian Ministry of Justice — and is a requirement in Russia for all private attorneys to aid the Ministry of Justice in the investigation and stopping of potential crimes and injustices — just like it is in the United States where all private attorneys are, also, “Officers Of The Court” having an obligation to promote justice and effective operation of the judicial system — but that in no way makes them spies for the US government, as it would be foolish to even believe such a thing.

Newly released classified US Congress document blacks out the name of Penn Quarter Group leader Daniel J. Jones

As to why Hillary Clinton needed the Penn Quarter Group to join with convicted Russian criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky in this sordid plot to destroy President Trump, this report continues, is due to Trump loyalist forces quickly closing in on her for what is becoming the largest theft in American political history — and that involved a mass money laundering scheme where Hillary took complete control of the Democratic Parties national finances in order to funnel into it $84 million donated to its individual state party branches — thus enabling her oligarch backers to illegally give unprecedented amounts of monies to the state organizations that had no limits on what could be donated to them — with this money then being sent to the main Democratic Party, that under strict US campaign finance laws was forbidden to spend any of this money on a national campaign, as it could only be spent on elections in the states from which it was raised — but that Hillary, instead, ordered to be put in her own bank account.

With countless state Democratic Party organizations, like Florida, now being called to account by Trump’s federal government for the vast amount of money missing from the accounts, this report further details, the last vestiges that Hillary Clinton even cared for this political party in the first place where wiped away this past week when it was shockingly revealed that she was making these Democrats pay her millions-of-dollars for her 2016 presidential campaign donation email lists, instead of like Obama, who gave them away for free.

By Hillary Clinton’s outright looting of the Democratic Party by her massive theft of their resources, and her outright extortion payments for her email donor lists, this report continues, she is singlehandedly destroying any hope these Democrats have of obtaining election victories in the coming crucial 2018 Midterm Elections that will decide the fate of the US Congress, no matter how much money they raise — as the grim reality for these Democrats shows that their having to spend so much money in their primaries will leave them nothing left for the midterms — and is why the Democrats are now outrageously denying their own voters the chance to choose their own candidates — and as evidenced by top Democratic Party leader, and US Congressman, Steny Hoyer having just been secretly recorded ordering those candidates his party doesn’t like to get out of the election.

Democratic Party used cover of President Trump’s State of the Union address to hide how broke they really are

Of course, and as always, this report concludes, the American people are not allowed by their mainstream propaganda media to know about Hillary Clinton joining with Russian criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky in this new and vile plot to destroy President Trump, while at the same time she destroys the Democratic Party too—with these people, instead, being warned (seriously, you just can’t make this up) that civilization is now on the brink” because a popular black music entertainer named Kayne West tweeted that he loved Trump — but with West’s truest crime being his having enraged his leftist Democratic Partyplantation owners” who are now chasing him down like they once did their “runaway slaves.


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