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AirAsia boss’ apology rings hollow

May 15, 2018

Tony Fernandes is a liar and an opportunist
who lost BIGTIME this time

* Frenzy of activity as top cops arrive at Dr M’s office
* Flip and Fake
* Mavcom lodges police report over Tony Fernandes’ claims
* Mavcom denies telling AirAsia to axe GE flights, lodges police report
* AirAsia apologises – but here’s why Tony Fernandes was shedding crocodile tears
No more pulling wool over our eyes, superstar Tony Fernandes!
* Yoursay: AirAsia boss will have to live with his decision forever  

I was pressured into publishing pro-BN video

Read full story here. View video here.

But, Tony, if it’s just about a video why go overboard
and paint plane with BN colours and slogan?

Why prostitute your flight attendants to wear
BN blue, bastardising AA corporate red?

Source of pic here

All this boot-licking takes
planning, time and money.

You insult the rakyat thinking we are stupid.

You ‘sy-lang’ your bet.
You lost.
Live with your sin the rest of your life.

Sorry, Tony, we are buying none of your bullshit!

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