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Time to get the country back on track, not for plots and manoeuvres

May 17, 2018

* You need to change so that my cucu can tumpang – Rafidah Aziz in Penang  

Rafidah Aziz is a former BN minister

By Rafidah Aziz

COMMENT | Dear Malaysians, ‘D-day’ has passed. The hard work begins for the Pakatan Harapan government, to fulfil the aspirations and hopes of the rakyat – Malaysians who now feel that sense of harmony and strength that only unity can bring.

They see that clear future ahead for them, and for those coming after them.

And now, all the stakeholders of the nation – the government, the enforcers of law and justice, the movers of the economy, social activists and monitors and drivers of the collective social conscience, and the rakyat at large – must now be serious about a number of things.

This includes putting the nation back on to the right tracks of social and economic development, righting the wrongs, ensuring that the rule of law and justice prevails, and putting into place a national management team that all Malaysians can respect, trust, and be proud of.

We must also rebuild Malaysia’s global image and reputation, which has been so tarnished, translate that spirit of ‘Malaysia boleh’ into something that every citizen can feel they can subscribe to and be part of as proud Malaysians.

Malaysians must now do what it takes to move the country up to a higher plane of:

  • Political maturity
  • National unity and cohesiveness
  • Mutual respect for each other amongst us the rakyat
  • Acceptance of our many diversities (as opposed to merely ‘tolerance’)
  • Motivation, decisions, and actions, guided solely by integrity and honesty and accountability at any and all spheres and levels of society, and
  • Putting national interest above everything else.

Dear Malaysians, how can a house that is crumbling under the weight of self-interest, massive scandals, poor governance, and lack of integrity and unbridled greed, survive into the future?

Therefore, we the rakyat surely cannot allow to fester any machinations which reflect all that has brought us to this stage of saying enough is enough.

And so: no more self-interest, no more ‘my people’ and ‘your people’ divisive politics, and no more individual flexing of power and importance, of wanting to outdo one another.

This is the time for humility in victory. This is the time to work together, and not to ever even think of ‘manoeuvres’, ‘plottings’, or whatever , that can erode the rakyat’s confidence in the Harapan government.

No one should test the rakyat’s patience, or betray their trust. Please get your act together. No sideshows necessary or warranted.

Public governance is not the same as leading a mere political party, where one is accountable mainly to the card carrying members of the party.

Public and national governance is beyond party interests, ‘loyalties’, and inward-looking decisions. It is also not and never about power and positions

Leaders must show leadership, and leadership does not mean posts, but rather the qualities intrinsic in the person. The rakyat put you there, they can easily push you out too.

But most importantly, God almighty can quickly take away what he, in his compassion, has given you. Please do not disappoint the rakyat.

Just gel and unite, as one strong Harapan team in the government, with prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad leading the way.

No side-tracking, no unnecessary antics and shenanigans, and no wasting of precious time jostling for position.

It is time for noses to the grindstone to work for the rakyat.

Sejahtera Malaysia.



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