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Anwar developing chummy relations with the “other side”?

May 29, 2018

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Posted Monday, May 28, 2018

There is this thing floating around about some Pemuda UMNO fellow called Eddy Casmady.

He has been making a career criticising the Pakatan people. Here are two examples :

And below here he is seen attacking Khairuddin Hassan.

Now to all you Anwar Ibrahim supporters out there, please get this through your thick skulls ok. Freedom of speech means exactly that. The people, human beings, citizens, cats, whales, etc all must have no interruptions in being able to speak freely.


What type of Freedom of Speech do you have in mind?

What is your idea of Freedom of Speech?

This is why I fear that if the Brader becomes PM, I dont know what will happen to Freedom of Speech.

Here is my view of Freedom of Speech.

Look at the two posters above. This UMNO Youth fellow is criticising the Pakatan people Azmin Ali and Khairuddin.

This is fantastic. This is Freedom of Speech. He has the absolute right to criticise, make fun of, to ridicule whoever he wants to criticise. Plus these are all politicians.

This is his Freedom of Speech. I may not agree with what he is saying BUT most certainly I will not ever try to prevent him from saying what he wants to say.

Do you know why? Because that is what Freedom of Speech is all about.

Sadly the dunggu supporters of Anwar Ibrahim do not seem capable of understanding that. They do not want people to criticise Anwar Ibrahim.

Anyway back to today’s story. Here is another picture. This one looks more ominous.

Here is the same UMNO Youth guy Eddy Casmady in what looks like Anwar Ibrahim’s kitchen!! There is a fridge, kitchen counters etc.

And that certainly looks like Anwar Ibrahim (it’s not Husam Musa oops!!). Who is that lady wearing the tudung? Is it Wan Azizah? If this is Anwar Ibrahim’s kitchen, then it should be her.

The question is, what is this UMNO Youth guy, a vehement critic of Pakatan Harapan doing talking shop with Anwar Ibrahim in his kitchen?

Of course Anwar Ibrahim has the Freedom of Speech to meet and talk to whoever he wants. As I said, I dont care. Tapi jangan lah main belakang brader.

There is a story behind this picture. If you are interested, check out this site.

As the stomach churns.

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