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Azhar Harun to PPBM: Don’t invite trouble by accepting Umno members

May 31, 2018

Recalling what happened at the ‘Nothing to Hide’ forum last year, the lawyer says people have already been planted in PPBM to create problems

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Lawyer and activist Azhar Harun says if at all Umno members are accepted into PPBM, they must be non-voting members. (Youtube screengrab)


KUALA LUMPUR; Lawyer and activist Azhar Harun says PPBM should not accept Umno members. However, if it does decide to accept them, then they should be accepted as non-voting members.

Otherwise, there is a possibility PPBM could be infiltrated by troublemakers.

In a Facebook post, Azhar said: “I still remember the Nothing to Hide forum that I moderated. All the slippers being thrown. And flares that nearly hit a woman in front of me (had it hit her, she could have been very badly burnt because the flare almost dropped on her tudung).

“And chairs being thrown about. The whole incident started when a purported PPBM youth member stood up to ask provocative questions.”

Azhar said the youth was very impatient. Azhar requested him to wait for a while before asking a question because another question asked earlier remained unanswered, but he shouted at Azhar telling him to shut up and that they were not there to listen to him.

“He was well supported and backed up by other youths wearing Bersatu’s red t-shirt.” These youths, claimed Azhar, had been planted in PPBM to create problems.

“Some of them even held high positions within Bersatu (PPBM). After holding positions, they started causing a lot of problems. It culminated in the slipper and flare throwing incident.

“It was obvious that they were planted. I am sure Bersatu has learned a lesson from this episode. Bersatu, in my opinion, should not accept ex-Umno members save as non-voting members.”

Azhar was referring to a forum held at the Dewan Raja Muda Musa hall in Shah Alam on Aug 13 last year. The session with Mahathir had to be halted abruptly as he was answering a question on the 1985 Kampung Memali tragedy in Baling, Kedah, when a slipper was flung from the crowd towards the stage.

This was followed by a shoe, several mineral water bottles, a chair and two flares, resulting in chaos.


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