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World is watching us on Zakir Naik – Ramasamy tells Putrajaya

July 10, 2018

* Now, India’s ED looking to extradite Zakir Naik  
* Is this what you want Dr M? For Malaysian fugitive Jho Low to hide in India where he won’t be deported?
* The hypocrites, you can know them by their appearances and what they say  

Is Putrajaya waiting for controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik to commit a crime before extraditing him, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy asked today.

Urging Pakatan Harapan leaders to make a stand, he noted how the Indian government has accused the Zakir of numerous crimes, including those related to terrorism.

In view of this, Ramasamy said the focus should be on the extradition order, and not if the Indian-born preacher had committed crimes in Malaysia.

“What is a crime in one country must be a crime in another country.

“How did you all deport China’s Uighur minority? It was just a request from China, all they had to do is make a phone call and Malaysia did it. Likewise, how did you deport Sri Lankan refugees?

“The world is watching why the Malaysia government is reluctant to deport Zakir,” he told Malaysiakini.

Is there a secret deal?

The DAP leader also questioned if there was a “secret deal” between Malaysia and India to rescind the extradition request.

“What is happening to the extradition process that India initiated against Zakir?

“India wants him on trial, but is there a secret deal between Malaysia and India that they have rescinded on extraditing him?

“Can the (Indian) High Commissioner (to Malaysia) comment on this. Why are they keeping quiet?” he asked.

Ramasamy claimed the former Indian high commissioner to Malaysia assured him of a follow-up in the process, saying, “It’s only a matter of time before Zakir is extradited to India.”

The DAP leader said he had sent word to the present high commissioner, but has yet to receive a response.

“Are they serious in carrying out the extradition order? How long will they take to see this process through?”

Zakir made hate speeches

Last Friday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia would not deport Zakir, who holds Malaysian permanent residence status.

Furthermore, Mahathir said the preacher had not committed any crimes in Malaysia.

Ramasamy told Malaysiakini that Mahathir could be “technically correct” with regard to Zakir not having committed crimes in the country, but pointed out that the latter made hate speeches in Malaysia.

“All this happened during BN’s time, prior to the May 9 general election. He was then a favourite child and darling of BN.

“He may not have committed a crime in Malaysia, but he is alleged to have done so in India. Other countries like Singapore have banned him from entering,” he added.

Ramasamy urged Harapan ministers to raise the issue during their cabinet meeting to get a clearer picture.

Prior to the May 9 polls, then-opposition lawmaker M Kulasegaran had called for Zakir to be stripped of his permanent resident status and be deported.

Kulasegaran is now the human resources minister.

Last Wednesday, Indian media reported that the republic’s Ministry of External Affairs had made an official request to Putrajaya for Zakir to be deported. – Mkini


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