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After ‘wine, woman & pleasure’ jaunt, Naib’s son goes on spending spree again

July 17, 2018

This time to World Cup Finals – despite his griping about sister’s stage 4 cancer treatments & dad’s frozen bank A/Cs


Err, who’s the photographer of these pics?


Nazifuddin Najib, son of former prime minister Najib Razak, has once again earned himself brickbats on social media after he uploaded a posting on catching the World Cup final in Moscow yesterday.

Before the match kicked off, he posted a photo of himself at the Luzhniki Stadium on Facebook, with the remarks “Yeah! Finals! Croatia versus France, which is your pick?”

He also uploaded a photo of himself with retired French footballer Christian Karembeu at the stadium.

Nazifuddin’s latest posts came about a week after he criticised the authorities of freezing the bank accounts of his older sister Puteri Norlisa, who has cancer, leaving her with difficulties to pay for her chemotherapy treatment.

Social media users are now questioning whether the Najib clan truly had no money because of the frozen accounts and needing donations.

M Ahmad Mohamed remarked: “You have so much money to go traveling, live a luxury lifestyle. You all said Najib and his kids’ accounts are frozen.

“Maybe the Taiwanese girlfriend or overseas friends sponsored him? Nazif is so lucky.

“Umno members were running about donating and raising money for the father, but the son relaxes and enjoys. Your luck, donors,” he wrote.

Just earlier this month, a day after his father was charged in court with three counts of criminal breach of trust and misusing his position in relation to the RM42 million SRC International scandal, Nazifuddin came under heavy fire for being photographed in Taiwan having wine with an actress.

At the time, funds were being raised to pay half of Najib’s the RM1 million bail because the authorities had frozen the former leader’s bank accounts and those belonging to his children.

After the backlash, the Taiwanese actress Celia Chang reportedly said she was not in a romantic relationship with Nazifuddin and had footed the bills for the both of them during their outing.

Elliot Thian said even if Nazifuddin had sponsors to make the trip to the World Cup final, he should had been smarter than posting about it on Facebook.

“If you are smart, you go there without ‘heboh-heboh’ (telling everybody). No one will create so much fuss with the current scandal,” he said.

Khal Syafiq told Nazifuddin to help his father and pay his sister’s medical bills, if he had thousands to fly to Russia for the World Cup final.

Clareen Choo remarked that a ticket to the final cost over RM4,000, not inclusive of flight and accommodations.

“You earned my respect by spending (on the ticket to the game) but not helping your dad,” she said.

But some also defended Nazifuddin, like Mohd Ariff who pointed out that the businessman was secretary-general of the Malaysian Olympic Council (MOM or OCM).

“He was there on FIFA’s (International Federation of Association Football) invitation. On MOM and KBS’s (Youth and Sports Ministry’s) budget,” he said.

Moris Legeh also said he believed Nazif was there on his official capacity as OCM secretary-general, adding that he felt sorry for the latter.

“When his father was in power, Nazif was not popular. Many did not know he is Najib’s son. When Najib was in power, he did not enjoy any special treatment in the government.

“It is only after he defended his father when the latter was charged in court that Nazif became popular. His own father didn’t even make him an election candidate. Hope you have patience and continue your work at OCM,” he said.

After Najib’s fall from power and charged in court, his entire family’s movements and social media postings have been closely watched.

Nazifuddin’s half sister Nooryana Najwa also drew flak earlier this month when she complained about her frozen accounts, including the savings account she opened for her baby son.

She also found little sympathy from social media users when she tried to defend her father and asked people to think of him. -

After Taiwan soiree, Nazifuddin Najib went to Moscow for the World Cup

PETALING JAYA: Social media has been abuzz after Datuk Mohd Nazifuddin Najib (pic), son of the former prime minister, shared photos of himself catching the World Cup final in Moscow.

Nazifuddin posted several photos of his time in Moscow on Sunday (July 15) when France beat Croatia 4-2 in the nail-biting final.

In one photo, he is seen posing with Zabivaka, the football-playing wolf who is the Russian World Cup mascot.

He posted photos of himself giving a thumbs-up at the Luzhniki Stadium and also shared a photo op with retired French international footballer Christian Karembeu.

“Yeah! Finals!!! Croatia against France, which is your choice?” Nazifuddin wrote.

On July 5, Nazifuddin set social media on fire after he was spotted wining and dining Taiwanese actress Celia Chang in Taipei.

Taiwanese portal Apple Daily said the pair was seen dining at a steakhouse and having a massage at a top luxury shopping district near Taipei 101.

The Secretary General of the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s jet-setting lifestyle has raised eyebrows as Umno grassroots supporters rallied to raise RM489,166 to help pay the RM1mil bail for his father, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and for his legal fees.

A week ago before Nazifuddin’s trip to Moscow on July 10, Najib settled his bail after being charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust and another charge of abuse of power involving RM42mil linked to SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

While the family amassed enough funds to pay bail, Najib and his three children claimed that their bank accounts had been frozen in relation to the 1MDB investigation.

Mohd Nizar Najib took to Facebook lamenting that he could not pay his bills due to his account being frozen.

Najib, meanwhile, said he had only found out that his account was frozen when a personal cheque he issued to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment had bounced.

“The authorities need to realise that I am an ordinary citizen too. As the head of my household, I too have bills to pay, medical bills to attend to, and a household to run,” the Pekan MP said in a statement on July 11, claiming that he was a victim of a “draconian act” by the Government.

The Star has contacted Nazifuddin’s office for a response and is awaiting a response.


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