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Liar Najib admits authenticity of CIA letter

August 2, 2018

Here’s why he should be interrogated & charged for TREASON

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The mandatory punishment for murder, drug trafficking, treason, and waging war against Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) is death. And ex-prime minister Najib Razak could have committed treason and depending on how you argue the case, he could have even tried waging war against the King. The leaked CIA letter scandal is more than just an ordinary letter soliciting for support.

As expected, serial liar Najib claimed he has no knowledge about a letter purportedly issued by Research Division, a division under his watch when he was prime minister. Research Division, also publicly known as the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO), the country’s main foreign intelligence was headed by its agency director general Hasanah Abdul Hamid.

Interestingly, the disgraced ex-premier said such matters should have remained as government secrets. He said – “This is a government secret. If we reveal it, it means nothing can be considered a government secret.” Clearly, Najib didn’t question the authenticity of the letter at all. This means the letter drafted by the spy agency to CIA is genuine – not fake.

So, congrats Mr. Najib, you have just admitted the existence and authenticity of the letter. Like the 1MDB scandal where he blames the board of directors, despite the fact he was the chairman of 1MDB’s board of advisors; he also washes his hands off the CIA letter scandal. He simply denies any knowledge, saying – “You have to ask them (Research Division).”

Now that the authentication of the letter is not being disputed, the next question will be from whom Director General Hasanah received her instruction to write and send the letter to the Director of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Gina Cheri Haspel. Najib claims that the letter was “agency to agency”, so he should not be blamed or be held responsible.

True, in normal circumstances, such “agency to agency” letter happens every time. But it can only be considered normal if the contents are related to national security issues such as potential terrorist attacks. However, in the case of the letter drafted by Hasanah to CIA, it was clearly an invitation to the American spy agency to interfere in the internal affairs of Malaysia.

It would be an insult to the people’s intelligence for Mr. Najib to suggest he neither has knowledge of the letter nor has instructed it to be written. Unless spy girl Hasanah was his mistress, there was no compelling reason why she had taken her own initiative to ensure her boss continues to cling to power. She must have had received Najib’s instruction, or at least his endorsement.

Najib’s lame excuse that it wasn’t his fault – the letter was printed on the letterhead of the agency (Research Division) itself and not on the letterhead of the Prime Minister’s Department. Comically, he also justified that the letter was not signed by him but by the head of that agency. Therefore, Najib argues that Director General Hasanah should be held responsible.

That is perhaps the dumbest excuse Najib has ever made. When President Donald Trump instructs his CIA director to draft a letter to another foreign intelligence agency on certain national security matters, do you think the CIA chief will send the letter using letterhead of the White House and the signature of Trump? The CIA director is answerable to the POTUS, the same way Hasanah is to Najib.

The damning letter – sent 5 days before the May 9 general election – reveals how the Najib regime had appealed for U.S. support in the event the scandal-plagued Najib wins the 14th general election by a simple majority – or even just 1 seat. Clearly, such request for U.S. interference in sovereign Malaysia’s affairs qualifies it as first class treason.

On the surface, the letter looked quite harmless. However, it also contained element of bad faith – accusations of Mahathir Mohamad’s past anti-West, anti-Semite and autocratic policies. Arguably, it also contained element of bribery – welcoming the U.S. presence in the region, especially the South China Sea, to provide balance towards China’s maritime assertiveness.

The leaked letter to CIA also opens a floodgate of the possibility that Najib regime may have sent similar letters to other foreign intelligence agencies soliciting for support in exchange for access or sale of national security or assets. More importantly, Najib Razak may have betrayed the Constitution and Agong (King) by inviting the U.S. interference in sovereign Malaysia’s affairs.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) appoints Prime Minister as a Member of Parliament (MP) who, in his opinion, is most likely to command the confidence of a majority of MPs. In the event Najib wins the 14th general election by a simple majority of just 1 seat, there is no guarantee that the Agong will definitely appoint the son of Razak as the Prime Minister.

That’s because there could be last minute of MPs switching sides as they were being bought over, as can be seen in Sabah where the state government changes within 24 hours. Hence, the Agong, in his opinion, might think the then-opposition leader Mahathir is most likely to command the confidence of a majority of MPs.

The CIA, thanks to Najib’s invitation to interfere, however, may have a second opinion which is different from that of the Agong (King). Therefore, armed with CIA support, Najib could be seen as waging war against Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) if he strongly insisted to be sworn in as the prime minister despite Palace’s disagreement. Both Hasanah Abdul Hamid and Najib Razak should be interrogated.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun should do his job and not drag his feet. The police chief admitted he personally made a police report on allegations of possible links between terrorist group – Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) – and Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy. What is stopping IGP Fuzi from doing the same against Najib Razak?


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