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Facebook- you are toast now

August 10, 2018

These social tech giants think their shit does not stink. Well, this an email I sent to my relatives yesterday. This will be spread far and wide. MY prediction is that Facebook will be done for by this time next year and Openbook will destroy them. Facebook became too greedy and saw easy money and was willing to sell out to become a data mining operation rather than a social network. Read my letter and you will understand below:

Dear Friends:

Over the past decade or so, I have been posting on facebook. A lot has changed on facebook since its initial inception. Since the 2016 election, my facebook has been overran with political nonsense- which I am guilty of being caught up in. This has caused animosity and anger amongst my family members and some of my dearest friends. As my sister in law rightfully stated to me recently – life is too short.

Facebook at first was a great tool to communicate with our family members about recent happenings with our families. We would post pictures and share our happiness amongst each other on how funny and caring they were. We would trade funny jokes, not being political of course and we wish for better times.

THOSE DAYS ARE GONE MY FRIENDS. Facebook has allowed its social network to become a seething bath of promoting hatefulness even amongst family members. My friends and family are upset at me. I am sorry but its not them I am mean to, its the network system of Facebook which tends to bring the meanness out of everyone. Facebook together with the current status of the fake news media has been corrupted and has allowed family members to be pitted against one another especially on personal political viewpoints. This will stop with me right now. How may you ask?

I HAVE DELETED MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY. I have no intentions of ever communicating in this social media again. I am sorry but no more weather updates. There are other social medias that will shortly come out like “OpenBook” which will destroy Facebook forever. Why you may ask?

1. Facebook was severely hijacking my posts in the past month or two and many of my family members were not seeing all my posts and I could not even see them on my own newsfeed. Then they came up with this story bs to hijack and control them even more. This my personal posting feed not theirs to control

2. More and more ads are showing up which block my friends posts and I end reading them days later. Trolls were hijacking my posts and posting their feelings on stupid political topics or topics that they wanted to talk about that were not even related to the weather. There were to many trolls and I just gave up. Plain and simple

3. More garbage posts about politics and unworthy news were eating up my newsfeed posted by my friends when they did not realize it was being shared with third party ad agencies and data gathers. Just last week I was searching for hotels in Kitty Hawk and it showed up in my facebook account. No more

4. Friends sharing sweet and dearing cat posts and other posts that when you open them up give other companies your profile data and then proceed to bombard and clog up your personal newsfeed with more garbage posts to sell crap

5. The final straw came yesterday in this press release. No way in hell is Facebook ever going to share my financial status period:

Facebook Asking Major US Banks To Share User Data Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

Facebook has asked several large US banks to share detailed financial information about their customers, including checking account balances and card transactions, as part of a new push to offer new services to its users, according to the Wall Street Journal.

[link to (secure)]


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