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We urgently need a Parliament-appointed Anti Kleptocracy Commission

August 27, 2018

Recently a journalist friend I know said,  “I don’t think Najib will be sent to jail. All that needs to be done is for his mother Toh Puan Rahah to go and meet Tun Dr Mahathir and cry some tears and beg for her son to be forgiven and all will be forgiven. Because this is the Malay way of doing things. Dia sudah menyesal, dia sudah minta maaf, takpalah“.

I don’t think Tun Dr Mahathir would agree to any such thing. It was just a thought. Not a real thing. But you can sense the frustration.

The comment came about possibly because some of the Raja Melayu PUBLICLY stated that Malaysians should throw their support behind Najib. Have you all forgotten? Its a very different way of looking at things. RM2.6 billion, RM50 billion or even RM100 billion stolen – so what.  The Malays still have their Protons and MyVis. Their day to day lives have not changed much.

Yesterday I received this comment via email from a reader.

Dear Mr. Syed,

Harapan’s first 100 days are over and what frustrates Malaysians is that the most important thing is not fulfilled, swift action to put all the culprits behind bars.

Nobody is worried as much about building schools or bridges because it is understandable its gonna take a lot more time but if Najib was still at the helm he will put all of us in the slammer including you in no less than 100 days.

Hard to understand why it’s hard to bring them to justice and this has resulted in the momentum for Harapan to decrease.

No matter how many scandals are found but the fact that  you can’t deal with the culprits is a letdown. Might as well don’t let us know. You only make us realise how weak you people are as the Government.

This can be seen on Twitter, the  support for the govt is already dwindling.

On the ground, the Opposition are gaining ground, their attitude is “they can’t do anything to us other than just bragging about our scandals” which will make us notoriously popular and we still make news even on shitty issues. Even Mat Maslan can poke fun at the Govt. and is scot free.

This really hurts us, we who hoped for a better Malaysia.

We might rethink to vote the future govt in GE 15.

To cleanse the country we need to weed out the corrupts then only you can build up the country. Letting them roam the Parliament and poking fun is a no no.

Letting them into the media to insult our intelligence is a double whammy.

We can’t stand their sight and you people can still talk endlessly and allow yourself to get insulted by them.

Is this the best that Rule of Law has to offer? Maybe the Law of the jungle should be applied to those cohorts, that’s what most Malaysian feel.

In my humble opinion Harapan failed us the most in these first 100 days. Good luck in GE15, we just hope for a better govt or let the country go to the dogs. I rest my case.


My comments : These sentiments above are being increasingly felt and shared by many of us who voted for the Pakatan.

Indeed how many more months or years is it going to take to arrest and charge these kleptocrats who have stolen the country blind. THEY HAVE STOLEN OUR MONEY. And they have stolen so much.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

It looks like the Cow Mama got herself off the hook. Just like that. Now she gets to keep her condos and the rest of the loot? Just like that?

Babuji Tengku K_ling has made tens if not hundreds of millions over the years. He has a private jet. The DBKL was his petting zoo where he nurtured all the corrupt crocodiles – who by the way are still there, now “working with” Khalid Samad. He gets away too? Just like that?

Decades ago the Java Man declared he was worth a few hundred millions. He must be worth more now. He gets away too?

That Tabung Haji fellow was negotiating with another one of the kleptocrats to use Tabung Haji funds to “bail out” one of their family investments that has gone bust. Fortunately for us, the kleptocrats lost the elections. Some TH money was saved. So they getaway too? Just like that?

Then you have the likes of Stupid N_zri. “I hate Mahathir’s guts” has now become “Let me kiss Mahathir’s butt”.

There is one view that the total number of the kleptocrats that must be investigated and brought to justice runs to about 4000 people. I don’t know where this number comes from but it sounds like a goodly number.

Here are some basic premises :

  1. If there is no PUNISHMENT or NO COST imposed upon those who commit crimes then what is the purpose of the concept of JUSTICE?

    2. If those who commit crimes are not punished, they will just live to commit another crime another day. 

    3. If those who commit crimes against the people are not punished and made to PAY BACK the BILLIONS they stole from the people, then where is the justice for the people?

What do you tell the people? Takpa? Takpalah?

Takpalah dia sudah menyesal, dia sudah minta maaf, dia sudah taubat?

I have said this before in this blog, about 57 years ago Lee Kuan Yew made an observation thatthe Malays are a people who do not like to face difficult issues head on‘.

If something is difficult, then just postpone it.

Ok here is today’s post. These are UNPRECEDENTED times. The previous gomen just stole and stole the peoples’ money. They have ripped off BILLIONS OF THE PEOPLES’ money.

  • Our FIRST TASK must be to RECOVER these moneys.
  • These moneys belong to the people.
  • That must be our MOST URGENT task.

We must arrest and hold in remand ALL those who we strongly have reason to believe were involved in corruption, stealing the peoples’ money, abuse of power while in government etc. The net must be cast wide.

We may have to use ALL our criminal laws like the SOSMA, NSC etc to do this.

Bear in mind that under the Kleptocracy, an innocent person like Khairuddin Hassan was arrested and locked up for over a month under the SOSMA (or NSC??) for “economic sabotage” when he merely made a Police Report about 1MDB.

Meaning it can be done. The kleptocrats must be immediately locked up.

Then OF COURSE we must bring them to trial and send to jail (after we have confiscated their ill gotten wealth) all those convicted kleptocrats.

We must be firm.

The Police, MACC, the AG’s Chambers and other relevant agencies may not have the manpower to investigate and bring to trial this many people in double quick time. The task will be formidable.

I suggest that the Government set up a special Anti Kleptocracy Commission by an Act of Parliament to handle these kleptocracy cases.

I would certainly like to serve on such a Commission. (I served FOUR long years on the MACC’s Advisory Panel on corruption – which was an easy peasy lark. I believe I can do more.)

  1. The Anti Kleptocracy Commission must be given a fixed amount of time – say FIVE years – to finish its job. No extensions allowed.

    2. It must report to Parliament alone.

    3. The Anti Kleptocracy Commission must be given the power to engage / hire Special Prosecutors (from the AGs Chambers as well as from the Private Sector, including foreign lawyers) to assist prosecute the cases.

    (Investigation shall rest with the Police and MACC but special dedicated units must be isolated within the Police and MACC to assist the Anti Kleptocracy Commission. Prosecution again must be through a dedicated unit carved out from the AG’s Chambers. For FIVE YEARS ONLY.)

    4. The Anti Kleptocracy Commission should be allowed to access ALL the Criminal Laws (Anti Corruption Act, Penal Code, SOSMA, AMLA, NSC Act, BAFIA, Income Tax Act etc) to punish the guilty kleptocrats.

The reason being this is a unique situation. The US DOJ says this is THE SINGLE LARGEST CASE OF KLEPTOCRACY / CORRUPTION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. Unique circumstances require special methods.

The guilty must be punished. If we cannot get them under AMLA, then throw the SOSMA at them (like what they did to Khairuddin). If we cannot get them under SOSMA, throw the Income Tax at them. Lets do something.


We cannot arrest JoLo. Or even his father.
We cannot find Indira Gandhi’s ex husband.
We cannot find Pastor Koh and his abductors.
We cannot find Amri Che Mat and his abductors.
We could not even find Jamal Jamban for such a long time.
We cannot keep MO1 in jail – pending trial (IN FEB 2019!!)

The people are losing their patience.


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