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Congrats Zahid!! – ‘Good guy’ Mustapa quits, UMNO disintegration has begun

September 19, 2018

More expected to abandon the sinking Erm-No ship!

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UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), the biggest political party in Malaysia, has begun disintegrating with the shock resignation of party stalwart Mustapa Mohamed from the party. After the Barisan Nasional (BN) came crashing down from being the ruling coalition for over 60 years to a sinking ship after its stunning defeat in May 9th polls, its UMNO turn to disintegrate.

Spectacularly, by June, the mighty BN was as good as gone. From 13 parties in a unique power-sharing arrangement not seen anywhere else, it has since reduced to just three with the other 10 jumping ship. After losing control of the Parliament to Pakatan Harapan coalition, winning a total of only 79 parliamentary seats, BN was left with 57 seats after the mass defection.

While UMNO (54 seats) – the backbone of BN – together with MCA (1 seat) and MIC (2 seats) were busy licking their wounds, three UMNO MPs leave the party. With only 51 seats in the 222 parliamentary seats, it was bad enough for the Malay-based party. However, with Mustapa quitting the party after serving for 40 years, it seems UMNO has yet to see its worst.

Even after UMNO was hammered to 51 seats (from 120 seats contested), the remaining expired warlords have continued to sing songs of self-praise. Arrogantly, they have resorted to chest-thumping, bragging the party was still the biggest political party despite losing their shirts. Mr. Mustapa’s resignation leaves UMNO with 50 seats, same as Pakatan’s PKR party.

It’s a matter of time before PKR becomes the biggest political party, something unthinkable before the May 9th general election. Why is Mustapa’s resignation a big deal? As former International Trade and Industry minister, he was one of very few respected UMNO leaders left. In fact, going by UMNO’s standard, he was considered the cleanest, moderate and most humble warlord.

“The party has not made any effort to convince me that it is rejuvenating itself. To become relevant in the current dynamic nature of national politics, UMNO as the anchor of BN cannot merely rely on the support of Malays and Bumiputera only. I see no sign that the majority of the multiracial and multi-religious people will believe in UMNO’s cause,” – said Mustapa Mohamed, popularly known as Tok Pa.

Mr. Mustapa, of course, was referring to UMNO’s leadership who has chosen to sleep with extremist Islamist party PAS, clearly out of desperation. Under the clueless, directionless and weak leadership of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the new UMNO president has agreed to a formal political collaboration with PAS after he attended the opening of the PAS general assembly on September 15.

In essence, UMNO President Zahid Hamidi allows PAS President Hadi Awang to lead him around by the nose. Yes, the Malay nationalist party has been reduced to such a pathetic state that its president has taken the easy way out – letting its once arch-rival PAS calling the shot. Zahid, whose middle name is thug or gangster, has absolutely no idea how to drive the party.

Heck, Zahid is so weak that he declares that the brothel house UMNO is open for business – everyone, friends or foes, is welcome to join the orgy party. Without the gravy trains that had been feeding the corrupt party for decades, all the 191 warlords and its self-proclaimed 3 million members were fabulously disillusioned, demoralised and de-motivated.

More importantly, Mustapa’s departure confirms that UMNO is destroyed beyond repair. Make no mistake about it. He can easily tell all and sundry that he is retiring, not merely resigning. But he didn’t, suggesting that like other frogs he wishes to jump ship to the new ruling government Pakatan Harapan. However, the 93-year-old PM Mahathir knew all the tricks of the trade.

Prime Minister Mahathir said Mustapa’s departure from UMNO as something that the former International Trade and Industry Minister should have done earlier. The PM said – “UMNO is already damaged. He should have left earlier. A bit late though. But (If he is interested to join Pakatan Harapan), he has to prove that he is different than before.”

Exactly what and how Mustapa needs to prove himself before allowed to join the club is the million dollar question that the 191 UMNO warlords wanted to know too. Having addicted to free flow of cash and contracts for years, those parasites couldn’t wait a day longer to jump ship to greener pastures. Yes, Mustapa’s quitting will open the floodgate for more to do the same.

Now do you understand why Mahathir actually enjoys himself with popcorn and Coke seeing how UMNO and PAS proudly and boastfully hugged and kissed each other, fantasizing about the creation of a new “Pakatan Malaysia” coalition to wrest the federal government from Pakatan Harapan? The old man was giving them enough rope to hang themselves by not arresting those who had expressed seditious remarks.

Putting UMNO Zahid Hamidi and PAS Hadi Awang together in a room is a recipe to disaster. Mahathir does not need to de-register UMNO to kill it. Nor does Mahathir need to recite some Quranic verses to impress upon Muslims that he’s more Islamic than PAS. Mr. Zahid and Mr. Hadi are doing an excellent job killing each other’s party by formally working together.

The alliance between UMNO and PAS is like Saudi Arabia sleeping together with Iran. If UMNO and PAS can work together without their respective grassroots killing each other, then Sunni-led Saudi and Shia-led Iran would have been one big happy family since 1,400 years ago. You do know PAS have sympathised and supported the 1979 Iranian revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini, don’t you?

Considering the Sunni-Muslims and Shia-Muslims would gladly slaughter each other than the infidel “kafir” non-Muslims as can be seen in conflicts in the Middle East, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to predict the results of UMNO-PAS cooperation. Thanks to PAS’ past indoctrination against UMNO,  PAS grassroots actually look down upon the un-Islamic and evil UMNO-Muslims.

The point is simple. If Zahid’s plan to work with PAS is the best invention since sliced bread, there’s absolutely no reason for Mustapa Mohamed to resign in the first place. Now that “a good man” has given up hope, it would set tongue wagging amongst 3-million UMNO grassroots and embolden more leaders to leave in droves. Goodbye UMNO!!!


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