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Umno’s lame excuse

October 5, 2018

Umno mercenaries: A question of when – not if they will beg Mahathir or Anwar to take them in

* Anwar Ibrahim – The Asian renaissance man or the mutant Malay ultra? – PD voters beware  

They pledged loyalty to Najib in the past, and follow wherever Ahmad Zahid takes them today. Who knows they may turn to Anwar or even Mahathir tomorrow!

By Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily

BN has announced not to contest in Port Dickson by-election. Ahmad Zahid explained it was to protest a by-election created specifically to fulfill the wish of a single individual.

Which sounds a little weird.

If you don’t agree to your rival creating a by-election, the right thing to do is to get the voters to say “no” together to such a trick, not to pull out from the race so that the rival gets his way.

I think Ahmad Zahid’s reason sounds more like an excuse than anything else.

No-contest is very much an embarrassing thing for BN, a former ruling coalition and now the largest opposition front.

Not contesting in the by-election means BN is giving up an opportunity in political participation.

Where this is concerned, BN should pick up a lesson from Parti Rakyat Malaysia, PRM, a tiny outfit unknown to nine out of ten Malaysian voters.

Winning a seat is as difficult as keeping the deposit. That said, the party insists to take part in an election to proclaim its political philosophy.

The raison d’être of any party lies with its poliitcal philosophy which is not to be kept neatly at home but conveyed to the masses through participation in an election.

Stevie Chan Keng Leong, an independent, vows to challenge Anwar Ibrahim because he wants to tell Anwar it is undemocratic to create a by-election even though many will see him as a fool.

BN/Umno may have their hidden reasons not to challenge Anwar, which they find it very inconvenient to tell the world.

Or perhaps Anwar is not even their biggest enemy in the current highly intricate political environment. Instead of facing off with Anwar, why not avert a heads-on clash and do him a special favor?

Let’s look back at what former minister Mohamed Nazri said recently.

He said Umno should not contest in Port Dickson, and he even offered to campaign for Anwar in PD.

Nazri found himself become a target of public wrath in Umno, and deputy president Mohamad Hasan vowed that Umno would go all out to fight Anwar in PD.

Though not a mainstream figure in Umno, Nazri with his decades of experience in government knows how to survive in poliitcs.

He said campaigning for Anwar was the best way for Umno to return to Putrajaya.

“To be the government again, we need to work with PKR. We need to show a friendly gesture and let Anwar win in the by-election.”

I dare say Nazi is not alone; many in Umno will think likewise.

To many Umno politicians, a leader can come and go, and anyone can become a leader if this goes well with people’s interests.

They pledged loyalty to Najib in the past, and follow wherever Ahmad Zahid takes them today. Who knows they may turn to Anwar or even Mahathir tomorrow?

There are no eternal leaders, or enemies, in politics.


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