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Lokman: Najib could’ve engineered unity gov’t if not for KJ

November 5, 2018

The truth finally out – Najib did think to use Emergency Order to stay in power after May 9 defeat!

* MACC arrests Musa Aman for corruption
Ex-CM Musa facing up to 35 graft charges, says prosecutor
* Umno newspaper attacks Najib, blames his ‘donation lie’ for BN’s defeat
* KJ: Kalau jadi presiden Umno, saya pecat Lokman sebab IQ tahap lobak

Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam tonight lashed out at Khairy Jamaluddin and revealed what went on behind the scenes shortly after BN conceded defeat in the 14th general election.

Lokman claimed that Khairy, who was the Umno Youth chief at the time, had gone to party president Najib Abdul Razak’s house on the same night to demand his resignation.

He added that if it were not for Khairy’s pressure, BN could have continued on as a “caretaker government” for another three months despite losing the general election, while Najib worked to form an alliance with other parties.

“If Najib did not have such a foolish and hasty Youth chief, it would not have been impossible for him to remain as the chairperson of BN which still had the most seats (under one name) and continue on as a caretaker government for another three months after May 9.

“In those three months, Najib might have succeeded in convincing other parties to form a unity government and Khairy might still have remained as the youth and sports minister – instead of a child who likes to take selfies in bathtubs,” he said in a statement.

Lokman’s attack on Khairy came after the latter rebutted Najib’s claim that BN had been defeated in GE14 due to their opponent’s “lies and slander”.

Najib had said this during a meeting with his supporters today, without making any mention of the 1MDB scandal.

Responding to this on Twitter, Khairy said: “We lost because of 1MDB. The end”.

Lokman insisted that BN’s defeat was due to slander, and added that Khairy had also been defamed over an RM100 million corruption case in his ministry. The case had been the subject of an MACC investigation.

He also blamed Khairy for not doing enough to help BN win the May 9 general election.


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