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Drone journey to the real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia!

November 9, 2018

* Deathbed confession of Ron Wyatt, discoverer of the Ark of the Covenant   

ronwyatt.comronwyatt YouTube ; Wyatt Archaeological Research

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  1. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    Is this making sense to you now?!?

    Wake up!!!

    Help yourselves!!! Help my daughter’s and my family!!!

    These will be OUR United States of America once again!

    Do Something!!!

    My Daughter’s have also been sexually molested and Law Enforcement refuse to pursue it because Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate will be exposed.

    Help my daughter’s, my family, and me.

    Help yourselves!!! I can end this Evil (Slavery) permanently and I have enabled all of my friends fellow Americans to help themselves:

    Benjamin Allen Sullivan Park and 14th Street Washington DC. 202-352-7305

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