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Corruptions being exposed are mind-boggling and only the tip of the iceberg

November 16, 2018

Getting to the bottom is still a humongous job and long way down!

* Rosmah charge with corruption over hybrid project
* Ku Nan claims trial to two bribery charges
* Rosmah’s aide pleads not guilty to soliciting, receiving RM218 million in bribes   

Perhaps Harapan government considers offering a one-time amnesty for the guilty still in hiding … return 90% of all ill-gotten gains (no questions asked) and avoid prosecution … or face maximum jail-time & total confiscation of wealth!

The country’s woes and debts will be solved quickly and the rakyat can move on and enjoy the nation’s wealth and help make Malaysia an Asian Tiger again.

Immediate Benefits:
* Free utilities (water, electricity, internet) for hardcore poor
* Monthly ‘living allowance’ for Felda settlers until situation improves
* Abolish all tolls
* Forgive all PTPTN loans
* Abolish all duties, taxes, fees for taxis, 50% discount for licence
* Abolish all APs

Longer-Term Benefits:
* Build bullet train from Penang to Singapore (with island city paying fair share of cost)
* Build mass transit train to East coast
* Build 3rd causeway to Singapore
* Embrace China’s One Belt project

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