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The unvarnished truth about the migrant caravans

November 26, 2018

Mexican journalist takes a close look at caravan, uncovers horrible truths media’s not reporting

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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, there is a large migrant caravan barreling towards America’s southern border.

Anyone who cares about border security or keeping the sanctity of legal immigration intact is justifiably appalled by the caravan.

Naturally, the liberal media clearly don’t care about either. That’s the most plausible explanation why they’ve so willingly ignored one of the latest stories to arise from the caravan.

Conciencia Radio journalist Alex Backman, based in Tijuana, posted a chilling video where he recounted some of horrifying revelations about what was really happening with some of the people on the caravan.

Some of his revelations paint a very vivid picture of what to expect if the far left were to get their way and have that caravan allowed into the country unabated.

The migrants on the caravan are robbing and stealing. They are carjacking people. Worst of all, there are even allegations of rape.

And while the left may try to claim that this could just be a smattering of bad individuals causing havoc, let’s not forget the Homeland Security report claiming that over 270 members of the caravan are either convicts or known gang members.

That’s certainly more than just a small handful.

Do you think the mainstream media is reporting the truth about illegal immigration? Yes No

And, as Townhall’s Rachel Alexander notes about Backman’s video, the far left is likely under-reporting this because they are so fond of denying that there is any sort of conspiracy when it comes to clandestinely supporting them.

But as Backman reports, the caravan is apparently getting tons of aid.

According to the report, not only is the Mexican government aiding the migrant caravan, the Mexican president has done nothing within his power to stop it. In fact, they’re actively supplying the caravan with supplies.

Another frequently parroted leftist narrative surrounding the caravan involves the issue of immigrants seeking asylum. In a vacuum, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to help asylum seekers. Assuming it goes through the proper protocol, helping those in need is a decent human initiative.

But as Backman points out, the current caravan dwellers don’t qualify for asylum under international law. To seek asylum in the United States, a person most both prove that they are in legitimate fear of being persecuted and must prove that they are being prosecuted on the grounds of issues such as race, religion, nationality or political opinion.

Poverty and wanting to find jobs, which is what many Hondurans originally claimed, is not grounds to seek asylum, Backman said.

At the end of the day, legal immigration is a good thing. America should welcome the world’s best and brightest with open arms. But, as in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Considering that established borders are necessary to a sovereign nation, using a sea of flesh and humanity to forcibly enter a country is most definitely the wrong way to do things.

In fact, the word for it is “invasion.”

more by Bryan Chai

via Conservative Tribune


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