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Wayne Jett: “Their plan has always been PURE EVIL”

December 23, 2018

From → World Watch

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  1. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    I don’t think you understand what 4 years of Auschwitz Touch-less Torture Means:

    It means not being able to eat food without getting drunk.

    It means sleep deprivation.

    It means Auschwitz in Rock Creek Park for 17 Months (4 Years ongoing) – literally with emotions no Human Being should ever expierance. Failed Sleeping Bag, Torture.

    It means my fellow Americans abandoning me for death (literally tormented to death).

    “snapping” and constant hyper-tension.

    It means the ability to literally control any components of your body (for example excaberating pre-existing injuries – my back and knees) literally crippling me at will – the turn of a fucking dial by these monsters.

    Sensory overload combined with manipulating my central nervous system (“Dr.Ho” on steriods).

    Induced and Disgusting dreams via hypnosis/implants at night.

    This includes the sexual molestation of daughter’s while in canada with Lisa Ward.


    HELL ON EARTH FOR FOUR YEARS and Counting!!!

    High-Treason, Betrayal, Attempted Murder, Murder, Child Exploitation, Framing (Prison/Mental Hospital), Assault, Auschwitz Touch-less Torture, Obstruction and Obstruction of Justice, Theft of Billions of my Dollars, Intellectual Property, my Business’s, my Science, Physics, Discoveries, Algorithms, Solutions, and the Monies Derrived from them.

    I am NOT a Whistle-Blower!!!

    I am the Victim of Victims!!!

    Physically Remove these Illegal Implants from MY BODY Immediately!!!

    I (We) need the Media and Academia Reporting Now!

    I (We) need a “unhandled” unbiased Lawyer and Law Firm to represent me for Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate Now!

    These Illegal Implants Physically Removed from MY Body Now!!!

    Help Me!!!

    Help Yourselves!!!

    “Power is a Nation of Free People – Debt Free”.

    – Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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