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Zakir Naik is a Joke

December 28, 2018

* Wanted in India, Zakir Naik says he has not broken any law
Wanted in India, Zakir Naik resurfaces in Perlis to deliver speech
* If you execute me, I will become a shaheed, says Zakir Naik
* ‘Hate preacher’ Zakir Naik broadcasts to Britain  

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  1. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    Original Earmarked Impact Statement:

    The following will be amended in my Impact Statement when I am able to achieve Justice for Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate and have My Body and Life Back, Free of Implants, an Attorney and Law Firm, the Media and Academia Reporting, an Apartment or Hotel, My U.S. Paperwork, and my Little Girls here with Full Custody:

    1. Remove the statement “I don’t believe in the Death Penalty.” Replace with:

    2. These Monsters will be prosecuted to the Full extent of the Law for the Highest Crimes of the Land and Lands.

    3. The Aboilshment of the FBI Permanently, CIA Permanently, and MPD Fired Complete as of the 01 May 2018 Roster, and Replaced Completely with Competent Law Enforcement Professionals (My Hero’s).

    Those who are not prosecuted/criminals within these “organizations” will be given a Full Severance Package – Never to work for my U.S. Government ever again – in any capacity.

    4. Take Note of my Bolded Statement: Without Scapegoat or Bias.

    I know how Government works and what our U.S. Government (and others) will attempt to do…

    5. I will personally select and hire the Chief of Police here in Washington DC.

    6. All of my Leglislation will be Leglislated and Enforced, ensuring that this can NEVER happen again – Abolishing Slavery for the Last time on Earth (bringing in a Rennaissance), Honoring our Nation’s Hero’s:

    America, Land of the Free – Home of the Brave:

    Washington DC Employment Hiring Bill:

    EMS, Fire, and Police Memorial in the National Mall:

    7. My Solution for preventing False FD 12’s (Framing in my Case) will be Enforced Nation Wide (see my Letter of Intent to Sue the District of Columbia to Muriel Bowser – whom I never heard anything back from; nor was I able to obtain counsel for):

    8. As stipulated, canada is not permitted to a standing army, let alone an intelligence organization (one in the same in their case), they are Post-Nazi canada.

    They (canada) will pay Full Cost (2% GDP) for the protection of NATO by contributing Democratic Nation’s (proud Independent Nation’s Allied under Democracy), with My United States of America being the Greatest Nation on Earth, Leader of the Free World – Setting the Example for All Others.

    This will be amended when I am able, my computer was stolen – I’m typing this on a $30 Alcatel Phone forced homeless in park – all while in a Touch-less Torture Chamber.

    Our U.S.Government (and others) ongoing cover-up of Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate.

    “Power is a Nation of Free People – Debt Free”.

    – Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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