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American 911 emergency system crippled after chilling Trump message …

December 30, 2018

“We Are Coming” begins take-down of Deep State telecom giant CenturyLink

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A fascinating new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that large portions of the 911 Emergency System in the United States have been crippled over the past 24 hours – a system managed by the American telecommunications giant CenturyLink, whose President and Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Storey, former President Barack Obama secreted onto the critical National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) just weeks prior to President Donald Trump taking power – and whose sudden attack against was pre-warned about by the feared Trump supporting private intelligence and mercenary company Blackwater who, on 26 December, took out a full page advertisement to chillingly warn the Deep State that “We Are Coming

Feared private military company Blackwater takes out full page ad in Recoil Magazine to warn Deep State that “We Are Coming”

According to this report, though the vast majority of the American people use their nation’s EMS 911 System to summon police, fire and medical officials to emergency situations, less well known among them is that it is a part of the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) system, too – that’s more commonly known as the Presidential Alert System, and whose first test of was conducted this past October 2018.

The likelihood of President Trump needing to activate the Presidential Alert System so he can directly communicate with the American people during a time of national emergency, this report notes, has increased exponentially over the past week due to a US government shutdown – whose cause is due to the Deep State refusing to fund a wall to protect America’s southern border, and that now has Trump threatening to close it off entirely if this money is not allocated to him.

Buried within this government shutdown standoff between Trump and his Deep State enemies, this report explains, is a deadly ticking time bomb set to explode on 1 February 2019 – and is when money will no longer be available to pay over 38 million Americans their Food Stamp rations – and whom the Deep State and its leftist radical allies plan to exploit by flooding them into the streets of their country to stage food riots as cover to begin the immediate impeachment of both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and install into power the soon to be Democrat Party US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – and about which Trump has received his final warning from the Deep State mouthpiece The New York Times in their article titled “The Inevitability Of Impeachment” wherein these leftists offered “to make a deal to get him out of there.”

President Donald Trump keeps playing three-dimensional chess while the Deep State keeps playing checkers

Knowing from the outset that the Deep State would do everything in its power to destroy him, this report continues, President Trump spent his first year in office creating his own private global spy network – that, in January 2018, he got the US government to pay for by having his Republican Party controlled US Congress pass a new law allowing him to secretly shift intelligence monies anywhere he wanted to – that is overseen by Stephen Feinberg, the man who already controls one of the largest military contractors in the US named DynCorp International, and who is now the head of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB).

Aiding both President Trump and PIAB head Feinberg in this war against the Deep State, this report details, is Erik Prince – who many believe created Trump’s private global spy network with former US Marine Colonel Oliver North – but is more infamously known as the founder of the feared and powerful private intelligence and mercenary company Blackwater, that’s now known as Academi – with it further to be noted that Prince is the brother of multi-billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos, who herself is Trump’s powerful US Secretary of Education, and whose major long term goal is “to advance God’s kingdom through the US school system.”

Most critical to understand about what President Trump is fighting against, this report says, is best exampled by the declaration made to all Western nations by Deep State globalist leader Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany stating that “nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty, and must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.”

First to react against this Deep State globalist agenda to destroy nation states, this report continues, was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – who in fearing for the fate of his nation, marshaled around himself his country’s deeply religious Muslim peoples to do battle against these godless globalists – and in turn, in 2016, was met by a coup attempt against him and his government backed by the Obama Regime – but that was met with failure when tens-of-millions of Turkish peoples flooded into the streets to protect their beloved leader – and whose main observer of what occurred was Donald Trump.

One of the most important facts noticed by then US presidential candidate Donald Trump about the Obama Regime coup launched against President Erdogan, this report further explains, was that the Deep State came nowhere close to being a match against Turkey’s devoutly religious citizens who, indeed, took their country back – thus causing Trump to pivot his presidential campaign straight into the waiting arms of his nation’s devoutly religious Christian peoples.

Equally as important noticed by Trump about the Obama Regime coup launched against President Erdogan, this report notes, was that even though the US-backed coup forces controlled government buildings, military installations and major transportation hubs, they failed to take control over Turkey’s 112 Emergency System – that’s actually a European Union system which if the US had tried to compromise would have rung alarms all over the world – thus enabling Erdogan to rapidly reach his entire country and tell them what was happening.

Turkish President Erdogan (above) uses 112 Emergency System to alert his citizens about coup taking place

With President Obama and his Deep State allies knowing how powerful an under siege leader can truly be when able to talk directly to their citizens during a time of national emergency, this report continues, they plotted to take this ability away from newly elected President Trump – and that began a few weeks before Trump took power when Obama appointed Jeffrey Storey to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee – and whose telecommunication giant company he now heads, named CenturyLink, is believed to have been the most compromised by an NSA exploit estimated to have infected over 45,000 routers (that the SVR believes was stolen by the Deep State and given to Storey), the most vital of them being the telecom routers Presidential Alert Messages must first pass through before they reach the American people.

With CenturyLink routers crashing all over the United States during the past 24-hours, that followed Blackwater’s warning message “We Are Coming”, this report concludes, SVR computer intelligence experts have determined that the NSA has now patched this exploit, and in the process destroyed the coding in nearly all of the telecom routers CenturyLink had secretly directed not to send out alert messages from President Trump – thus leaving Trump still able to directly communicate with the American people, and whom, like the Turkish peoples in 2016, might soon find themselves called into the streets to protect their leader, and their nation, too.


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