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Still think Michelle Obama is NOT a man?

January 1, 2019

Michael strutting and prancing and swinging with Ellen and ‘flaunting’ his stuff! You decide.

* M Obama’s doctor goes on record – “I know what I saw”
* Why do so many people believe Michelle “Michael” Obama is a biological man?
* Finally, Conclusive Proof! Michelle Obama really is Big Mike
* President Obama calls Michelle “Michael” during major speech (video)
* Malia and Sasha Obama were loaned by their real parents so America can have a FAKE First Family 

Here are more proofs …

Bombshell photo just dropped (Oct 13, 2020): Here’s a young Barack Obama with “Big Mike,” his gay partner, before Mike became “Michelle” Obama. They’ve been lying to America ever since. Same EXACT teeth pattern as “Michelle,” too. Because it’s the same person!

Official voter registration card fr 1994 registered to vote as a man. Letter M is circled under Sex.

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