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We have met the enemy, and he is … not at all what we had expected

January 18, 2019

Emerging, dumbbell, snowflake Left


By Dave Merrick, January 8, 2019

I am seeing more and more articles popping up confirming that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the dumb girl from the Bronx she pretended to be on her way to getting elected. The new Congresswoman for New York’s 14th congressional district is now only loosely maintaining the ditzy ruse she and the DNC cooked up in order to attract more of the emerging, dumbbell, snowflake left. Canada Free Press scooped America when we called total BS on her act, in the article, “The Manchurian Counterfeit”, which ran November 20 of last year. She is NOT stupid, folks. She is DECEPTIVE. When she staged the hammy protest outside of Pelosi’s office last November, I am certain she had cleared the whole matter with Nancy before it ever happened. But the morons it was supposed to impress completely swallowed the bait.

New improved ‘Muslim’ – you understand. She swears like a sailor

The democrats have other bright new stars on the horizon, as well. One of two, brand-new, never before opened, Muslim Congress people, her name is Rashida Tlaib, is another perfect lure. This is the new improved ‘Muslim’ – you understand. She swears like a sailor, and doesn’t pretend to hide behind a veil in the presence of her male ‘superiors’ – with which the grand mufti would ordinarily take issue (if he weren’t so much more delighted in how she is totally helping to deceive the infidels). She and Linda Sarsour are two of the hot new ‘designer Muslimahs’ that 21st century aggressive Islam is injecting into an unwary western world full of stupid people who believe that cult is just a lot of robes and romance. It has not so much to do with recruiting new Muslims (though that is proving to be a big part of its success). It is continued programming for the standing army Obama’s AG Lynch officially introduced at the Charlotte riots in September, 2016. It is all designed to get the ‘religion’ into the West apart from its aherents having to become any less Muslim. Just as the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood proudly declared, they are not here (in the West) to assimilate. They are here to take over. The left is not Islamic, by the way. They are simply wanting more trouble for their opposition. And mad Muslims are just as useful as mad Mexicans – ALL are simply more ‘useful idiots.

I know most all of you have heard about Congresswoman Tlaib’s shamelessly calling our president a ‘motherf*cker’. She is part of the new face of the DNC, the bait that will snare the ‘bold new world’ that they are now cornering – just as they did with the moronic hippies fifty years ago. Only this time it’s going to work much better. These days most of the parents raising the self-declared prodigies that constitute the new hope of America don’t have the foggiest notion of how warped their kids are. And that is very much because the longhaired brats who started this experiment were just as clueless. With little more than a kiss for luck, the peace generation launched their successive progeny from the same awesome foundation that we were sold would never fail us – “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll”. Yet some of us, along the way, have been given the grace to see what a huge lie, from the very real devil, that was.

The new left, still hiding behind the labels of ‘liberal’ and ‘democrat’, is cleaning house

There is no way to retrace our steps and go back and correct anything. We are here. Things are completely out of control and will run their course. And if you can’t see that, you are as clueless as the neighbors of Noah who stood by daily and mocked him as he and his children built the ark. And our ‘silent majority’ – the majority that can barely raise itself out of its recliner and put down the remote long enough to regularly make it to the polls – have remained silent so long that they are now effectively silenced. (C’mon, folks! If dead people can make it to the polls – by the tens of thousands – why can’t you?) The silent majority had to be prodded into action even after a full eight years of Barack Obama. Once that miracle happened, and we, sure enough, had a real president in office, they sat out the midterms and again must have phoned in their parts instead of inconveniencing themselves to the point of casting actual ballots.

The new left, still hiding behind the labels of ‘liberal’ and ‘democrat’, is cleaning house. Hillary Clinton is now just as relevant as the silent majority. But while the conservatives are apparently consoling themselves in their renewed and continued silence, Hillary is being replaced by the awesome dudes and dudettes of the brave new democrats. It is simply the most elementary marketing, for crying out loud! The ‘think tanks’ of the democrats are nothing more than the boardrooms of their partners the liberal media/entertainment empire. HELLO?! They cater to the young! Is that so hard to understand? Didn’t we begin to learn something from David Hogg? Apparently not. His gay drama led the nation in walkouts that simultaneously fired up the allegiance of silver ponytails who convinced themselves long ago that they would never need to grow up. And Joy and Whoopi make dizzying incomes herding those cattle. And all the while, conservative Christian/Republicans enter into arguments with devils like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Mueller, and so on.

Jesus absolutely knew the tactics of his adversary. And that’s why he told us not to argue with him. (Matt. 5:25)  Satan loves to argue. Because while you are bickering with him, he is setting your house on fire and robbing you blind. And that is exactly what has happened to what’s left of America. The hideous left, led by the prince of darkness himself, suckered us away from the strength and safety we had in keeping our eyes upon God and his word and the righteousness He had assigned us to. And we began arguing with ungodly people instead of staying our course as God has told us. And all those arguments – over abortion, evolution, sexual perversion, atheism, etc. – are just distractions to get our energies spent and wasted in all the wrong directions. For example, how much of a genius does it take to recognize that men and women constitute the only two genders on earth, and that those two groups are especially suited for one another in every respect? If you really want to argue with that newsflash, here is your sign.

Nevertheless, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and the whole new chorus of similar numbskull politicians are preparing to take the helm. And they will do just that if the sons and daughters of the silent majority don’t get up off their dead centers and do the work required to keep that from happening. Today ridicule is the strongest weapon the left has. And they are using it at every opportunity. Since I haven’t been a network-television watcher for over 30 years, I am always amazed – absolutely shocked – at the shameless, blatant, anti-Trump cutdown sessions that apparently pass for news and commentary these days from the liberal media people. They no longer report facts. They just twist appearances. But what they are doing is working with the sheep who are frightened to death of not blending in with the herd. That is why Cortez and Tlaib will work so well as 21st century politicians. All they have to do is act as dumb and homogenized as the people they are leading. And they will have all the kids – young and old – eating out of their hands. And we are right there – right now.

America is being taken down, strip mined, by an elite few criminal minds

What remains, to me, as the biggest heartbreak, is that we have a real man, a real president in office – FINALLY – and the dumbbells are prevailing now more than ever. It’s because of a liberal-owned Internet that is slowly beginning to shut off the lights on the people who aren’t part of their vision. The ex-Marine, Brian Kolfage, who started “We The People Will Fund The Wall”, has watched his project balloon to a hair under $20 million after just three weeks on How many of my good readers are even aware of this effort? My wife and I contributed some money and signed the petition in favor of the wall which can only benefit our United States. But afterward, try as I might, I could not share on Facebook what I had done. Lots of people gave me the same report. I mean $20 million given by about 300,000 people in three weeks – in mostly $5 to $10 increments! When the left does fundraisers, most of the plebeians just sit and watch while the big money rolls in by the millions given by the handful of billionaires who own most of the Internet. It’s that way because the elite oligarchs all want to be a part of the dictators’ club that happens at the top echelon of socialism. Can you imagine what this fundraiser would have gathered by now, if the word was allowed to spread to ALL Americans – JUST AS IT SHOULD??!!

In writing this, I bit off more than I could chew this time. The problems are just too big and intricate to fully address. But America is being taken down, strip mined, by an elite few criminal minds. But the real problem is always centered upon the lousy fallen nature of mankind – what the Son of God suffered and died to save us from. And things are going down precisely as He told us they would. In the meantime, many of us have been tricked into believing that stupid is closest to our roots. And again, if only America can become a third world socialist nation, we will no longer be white supremacist racists. That is exactly what is being fed to the sheep now as the new gospel. And in that new, demonic ‘gospel’ people are being told that Donald Trump is the devil. He is not.

The most pitiful of all stupid politicians, Hank Johnson

The most pitiful of all stupid politicians, Hank Johnson, one of several democrat leaders who can only thank affirmative-action for their holding office, made the dumbest remark calling Trump supporters a bunch of busted alcoholics and drug abusers. And this is just more of what I have been talking about. Just be as dumb as the people who put you into office: That’s all it takes from this crew. And it is working because Christian conservatives can’t seem to get their act together.

In closing, I am massively disappointed at the way things are headed. I truly believe that most of America dearly loves Donald Trump. But, at the same time, I also have to admit that a crooked press and rigged voting machines can, apart from God’s intervention, win the day. And I have to also admit that what Congressman Johnson said managed to rile me up pretty good. But I’m not going to let his slander get me down. In fact, I have a plan that will absolutely scare that loudmouth back into silence. If he continues with his malicious insults, I’m planning a 50 million man march in DC that will surely flip the continental United States upside down – and that will be the end of his political career entirely. Representative Johnson – you have been warned.


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