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Why the KJV Bible?

January 18, 2019

* Why I read the Authorised KJV Bible
* Why Christians should use the King James Bible
Why we only use the King James Version

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  1. Benjamin Sullivan permalink

    All Complete Lies from the MPD to the CPEP Staff.

    The only Truth here is this:

    1. I was Framed and put into CPEP (I am still unsure by whom).

    2. I was Involuntary drugged.

    I was calm the entire time, and this was and is a continuation of a Smear Campaign to Discredit and Defame me to Cover-up Russia-Gate Murder-Gate.

    I am NOT a threat to anyone or myself (nor have I ever been).

    Go through the Uniquivocal Truth here:

    My Solution for preventing False FD 12’s (Framing in my Case) will be Enforced Nation Wide (see my Letter of Intent to Sue the District of Columbia to Muriel Bowser – whom I never heard anything back from; nor was I able to obtain Counsel for):

    I will upload better photographs later today (03 Jan 19).

    I am currently waiting outside of Courtroom # 202 – District of Columbia Superior Court for my Status Hearing for the ongoing Smear Campaign – in this particular case, a Fabricated Misdemeanor to Discredit me and Cover-up Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate.

    I am UNABLE to obtain an Attorney and Law Firm for anything: Framing and Russia-Gate (one in the same).

    My Fellow Americans the Time for Action is Now!

    I have Enabled Everyone to End this Peacefully:

    My Leadership, my Leglislation, and Democracy.

    “Power is a Nation of Free People – Debt Free”.

    – Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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