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The God of the Chinese is the God of the Bible

January 25, 2019

Truth – The God of the Bible is the God of mankind




* The God of the Bible is also the God of the Chinese
* God in the Chinese language
* The original ‘unknown’ God of China
* Faith of our fathers: God in ancient China

* The Cross, Jesus in China
* Who was the God of ancient Chinese?
* The origin of the Chinese people
* Ancient God of China (Origin of all religion)
* Chinese & the Bible – Who are the Chinese?  

The  Temple  Altar of Heaven. Note: 1) There are NO idols present 2) The Trinity of the Godhead of the Bible (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit) is a dominant feature of the Altar of Heaven complex … from the 3-entrance gates, the 3-level altar, the 3-tier roof to the 3-doorway into the main hall.

Overhead view of part of the Altar of Heaven complex. Note the predominant 3-entrance gates – the middle entrance is always larger than the two on each of its side.

The altar where unblemished animals were sacrificed by the emperors of China during ancient times. Note: It’s no coincidence, even up till today, when the Chinese worship they traditionally offer 3 lit joss-sticks and 3 cups of wine at their altars. And the practice of draping a length of red cloth over the main doorway during auspicious occasions signifies the ‘smearing of the blood of the Passover Lamb on the door posts’ to ensure harm/evil will ‘pass over’ or by-pass the house.





* CKJV聖經

* The Love of God  > * KJV Bible

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