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38 New AP Holders approved in January 2019!

March 11, 2019

[Original post is from OutSyed The Box] …

This is taken fully from this site here

We have just met with a long established Approved Permit (AP) holder and he has confirmed to us that there are now 38 NEW AP holders in Malaysia. Yes, the new government has granted 38 NEW car importers the ‘right’ to make ‘easy’ money. From what we have found out, most of the NEW 38 AP holders have already started talking to established AP holders to ‘buy’ their AP’s as they are not in the car business and instead just want a fee of RM18,000 to RM22,000 for 1 (each) AP.

The twist in this whole scenario is that the established long time AP holders have had their regular yearly AP quotas reduced to accommodate the new AP holders which means the total number of AP’s circulating remain the same and it is just that the AP wealth is now spread evenly with 38 new players who are mostly just selling their AP’s and not doing the import business.

With this new scenario, it is clear that the imported used/gray business will remain and allow many to become and maintain their high incomes while the rest of us continue to pay high prices for imported vehicles.

My [OutSyed The Box] comments : This is Pakatan Harapan. Looks like nothing has changed. The APs for cabbage imports, Christmas turkeys, cigars, cars, solar panels are still in place.

This website says that 38 new AP holders have been approved in January 2019.

Who are these 38 new blood sucking bastards? Because that is what they are doing. Just sucking your blood. (I have learnt to go around this AP bullshit for cars.)

Like most consumer items, cars are substitute products. If you dont buy a Toyota you can buy a Proton or a Mazda or a VW or a motorbike or a bicycle or you can take the LRT or the bus.

When the prices of imported cars are kept artificially high through high duties, taxes, APs and stuff then the prices of domestically produced cars will automatically be kept high.

Say the real price of a Toyota Rush in the world markets is around RM80,000 only.

But in Malaysia because of duties, taxes, APs etc the Toyota Rush sells for RM105,000.

What does this mean? It means the Perodua Aruz can now be sold for RM80,000. Because for RM80,000 you cannot buy a Toyota Rush.

(By the way both the Toyota Rush and the Perodua Aruz are exactly the same car.)

Now if the APs were abolished, duties and taxes on imported cars were more realistic and our car prices can match the world market prices, then you can also buy the Toyota Rush for RM80,000.

If this happens, can the Perodua Aruz still sell for RM80,000?
No it will most likely not.
Cars are substitue products.

When two cars are of about the same price, people will opt for the higher quality or more well known brand. For the same price of RM80,000, people will buy the Toyota Rush instead of the Perodua Aruz.

So sales of Perodua Aruz will drop.
Perodua will have no choice but to drop the price for the Aruz.
Maybe RM60,000? RM65,000?
(Hopefully still make a good profit).

This means the prices of all other cars, motorcycles, LRT rides, bus rides etc will also drop. These are all substitute products.

But that is not happening.
38 new AP holders have been approved.

We are easily paying 25% MORE than the rest of the world for simple cars like the Toyota Rush.

Ini sepatutnya SUV murah.
Kereta orang Melayu.
Melayu miskin dulu.


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