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There’s a new sheriff in town … no more freebies

March 26, 2019

Neil Keenan Update | March 24, 2019

Neil Keenan as part of his initiation as Amanah in former president of Indonesia Sukarno’s room

See also: The Asian Insider: Why Was Neil Keenan Elected Amanah?

The relentless battle continues for the ultimate end to worldwide, financial debt slavery.

In fact, it has exponentially heated up, as Neil Keenan and Group K are valiantly moving against this nefarious nemesis on the world stage, particularly in Indonesia.

In Neil Keenan, Indonesia has had a true Warrior fighting for them, Someone who will not quit, Someone who does not know how to quit; Someone who has unwaveringly put his life on the line time and time again to win this utmost critical, world-changing battle up until today.

For the purpose of updating and clarifying new / emerging information, we once again review significant past occurrences.

For further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.
( Especially Section: 4.02 The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement: Power Bloc Coup )

When the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed post WWII (1944), it brought in a new era of financial chicanery by what is known as the Deep State or the “Swamp”.

The cunning players involved arranged a new, corrupt financial system including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank and other financial institutions to launder, mirror and hypothecate assets.  This process also relied on the Vatican and the Bank of England in their corrupt attempts in deceiving the World with their fiat debt-slavery control programs.

They set up the Central (Reserve) Banking System to work within the already corrupt system and found ways to steal from the East (Indonesia) without breaking a sweat; that is, until Neil Keenan had notes entrusted to him in 2009 that eventually turned out to be stolen.

See the revealing link below containing a statement about the theft of the notes by a Senior European Agent that were given to Benjamin Fulford:

Statement of A Senior European Agent – About Daniele Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno and The World Economic Forum

As you see in the above link, the theft of the highly important Federal Reserve Notes began when Benjamin Fulford introduced Neil to a very trusted Italian friend of his, Daniel Dal Bosco.

What Fulford failed to mention to Neil was that Dal Bosco was a Financial Adviser to the Vatican who was also the Secretary to Leo Zagami, the Prince and Illuminati boss of the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge.

Youtube image capture of Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami

After further discussions between Neil and Benjamin, the notes were turned over for safe-keeping to the Italian Dal Bosco who, in turn, verified the notes were securely placed into a Swiss Bank Account.

Having never been involved with either individual, Neil turned to Dr. Van de Meer who advised him that Benjamin should not ever be trusted nor should Neil be carrying any such valuable notes with him.

A short time after securing the Federal Reserve Notes, Neil and his friend Joe Bendana reached a deal with groups from Portugal, Spain and France for the leasing of the notes.

When Dal Bosco discovered the notes would soon be leaving his control, he decided his only option was to steal them which he abruptly and brazenly proceeded to do.

Then, a few days after the theft Benjamin Fulford left Japan to meet with Leo Zagami and others in Italy who advised Fulford they were in control of the notes.

After working out his take of the theft (a percentage of the deal), Fulford immediately returned to Japan, claiming he had been poisoned while in the tombs of St. Peter!

Since then, Benjamin Fulford has compromised his credibility in various ways, since it seems he has forgotten his own story of what took place during the thefts of the notes.

During this same time, Neil was moving on and exposing corruption in the UN as well as within the Italian Financial Police, the World Economic Forum, and the tycoon Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi among many others.

See Neil Keenans’ original Lawsuit filing here: Keenan Complaint 11-23-2011 Southern District of New York

If it had not been for this evil cabal we could have already started to enjoy the benefits of ground-breaking novel technology in 2010.

This was always the original intent of Neil and The Golden Dragon Family, to create a world where together we can all live in peace and harmony.

Neil with the honorable and authentic Count Albert


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