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Creation vs Evolution

April 28, 2019

Evolutionists (followers of Charles Darwin) believe that a ‘big bang’ caused everything to come into existence FROM NOTHING, and since then everything is going through a process of evolution randomly evolving from one form into another. Really?

Creationists (followers of Jesus Christ) also believe in the ‘big bang.’ And it was caused by God when He said: “LET THERE BE … ” and all things that were ever made were made, with living things – plants and animals – whose seed was in itself yielding after its kind. (Genesis Chapter 1)

Question for Evolutionists: If everything is still evolving, what will man evolve into?

This blogger’s comment:

One of the Evolutionists stated dinosaurs did evolve into chickens (cue at 59:45) and for that reason he is very happy every time he eats chickens. WTF?! So, I have a question for this Evolutionist: If everything evolves and will continue to evolve till eternity, what will a man, he especially, evolve into? I’m hoping it happens in my lifetime ‘cos I can’t wait to eat ‘him’!

Representative for Creationists

Representatives for Evolutionists

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