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Christopher Johnson: Atheism, Morality, Purpose and Meaning

May 14, 2019

A ‘clash of minds’ between the gentleman and this blogger

* Comments generated in response to Christopher’s views make interesting reading – and what have been expressed are very revealing, 65 posted so far

Christopher Johnson on his channel at noon on May 14, 2019, vocalising his views on ‘Atheism, Morality, Purpose and Meaning’

This post is a result of after many comment exchanges between Christopher Johnson and this blogger regarding the debate on ‘Creation vs Evolution’ featured on YouTube HERE.

The quest here at this site is strictly for this blogger to seek clarity regarding the gentleman’s views on the subject matter and for us to arrive at a finite closure. When there are opposing ‘stands,’ both of us cannot be both right. One of us has to be wrong and therefore concede to the other’s ‘position’ gentlemanly – strictly based on incontrovertible evidence, facts and/or proofs.

The notion of arriving at a point to ‘agree to disagree’ on this subject, which defines who and what we are, how we got here and where we are ultimately going, in this blogger’s view, is a no-consideration. Simply because there had and have been far too many ‘nonsense’ going on regarding the subject that is sacred and dear to every being and to every his/her very existence. And yet let no doubter, scoffer or deceiver from either ‘position’ derives pleasure and relishes his/her ‘win’ … because – as trite as it may sound – it IS about us. All of us! Let’s edify; not hurt.

Ultimately the ‘battle’ between atheists and God-believing people is a ‘battle’ for truth. So let truth prevail.

Christopher Johnson stands with Evolution. This blogger stands with Creation.

Below is a full transcript of Christopher Johnson’s commentary (approx. 1min&33 sec) on ‘Atheism, Morality, Purpose and Meaning.’ Go through it a and listen to the audio – and if you wish also review what he expounds with his comments on ‘Evolution vs Creation’ HERE – and you decide what is what::

(No emphasis applied in transcript to obviate bias)

Christopher Johnson, professed atheist:

“Theist apologists like to say things like if there is no God there is no morality … if there is no God there is no purpose … if there is no God there is no meaning. The problem with these statements is that with God there is still no purpose or meaning because God just simply exists!

“He doesn’t have anyone to tell Him what purpose or meaning is … He has to make it up … out of thin air … which means that any purpose or morality or meaning that comes from a personal God is by definition subjective!

“So when they say that there is no morality … what they are really saying is that there is no objective reason for why any particular behavior can be said to be wrong.

“The thing is that we have subjective reasons for why say murder is wrong and there will be empathy, sympathy, pity and love!

“These are the same reasons that any God would have for why murder is wrong and that is subjective. So, basically what is going on here is we have Christians … and Moslems … and Hindus … all proclaiming that they have an objective morality.

“But they don’t!

“In fact if you ask any theist they will not be able to provide you with an objective morality. They cannot tell you why murder is wrong from an objective perspective. It will always boil down to because we care.”

Screenshots from Christopher Johnson’s home page on YouTube …

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