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It’s so easy to be rid of the god delusion!

May 21, 2019

This post is dedicated to my brother Christopher Johnson and the world’s foremost atheist Richard Dawkins who wrote ‘The God Delusion’

* Christopher Johnson: Atheism, Morality, Purpose and Meaning

This blogger wishes to give my support to @Christopher Johnson here for his emancipation from his belief of the existence of God, and also to thank him for showing this blogger the quickest way to wipe away my indoctrination and become an atheist …

Helloooooo jedi! I AM BACK!

Wow, wow, wow, wow, amazing! As soon as I opened Dork’s book, zap!, immediately my consciousness maxed! gravity expanded, contracted, swirled, extruded, intruded, hit zero point, exploded and sprayed flungout to infinity – all at the same time in split nano timelessness!

stardust now I am! – like jedi! the god delusion gone! learned! atheist! cannot unlearn what I have learned – ever! there’s just no evidence and logic for god! there is no god! god is dead!

It was that powerful, jedi!

The dork was not boasting when he wrote in his book “… religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down.” In my case, he’s just slightly off (we should let him know so he can ramp up the boast in his next reprint and sell more books). I didn’t have to “put it down!”

The moment I picked up the book and opened it I was done! Faster even than the speed of light! I noticed at one point in the bookstore all eyes were on me and the lost, deluded ones had their mouths wide agaped and wondering to themselves what the f was going on?! It was hilarious to see ‘em idiots’ faces and ‘em gawking and looking bewildered!

I could not let them in on the secret then, even if I tried. I was orgasming and blissing and swirling and swooning in the throes of consciousness-rising infusion moment!

jedi (you’re still one notch up ok even though we’re both now on the same level playing field in Leviathan-level consciousness because you graduated earlier), imagine, we just lose the god delusion just like that.

All it took was one dork’s book to un-brainwash us of the god delusion programming! So easy!

snap! > god delusion wiped! > gone!

Freed from our parent’s indoctrination and freed from the fear to exercise our option to walk away from those ridiculous anecdotes and ‘miracles’ the deluded fanatic Christians hang on to so dearly in and with their lives. How pathetic. They just have no clue that their Bible was put together by imaginary ‘prophets’ and ‘followers’ of that man jesus christ to control them.

They also have no clue either about these stories, even though they were skillfully put together with some pretty unbelievably amazing stuffs like …

creating heaven and earth and all the host of them in 6 days, making man/adam from dirt, woman/eve from his rib, parting of the red sea, raining manna from heaven every day except the sabbath for 40 yrs, water flowing out of a rock, god appearing to one moses on mount sinai, god writing the ten commandments with his finger, god telling the people to build the ark of the covenant exactly to his dimension and that it must be made of solid gold, god saying that it is his throne on earth, god telling the people to put up a veil in the tabernacle to divide the holy place from the holy of holies and to hang it up with hooks made of silver while the rest of the ornaments made of gold, god stopping the sun from setting for one joshua and so on and so forth until the appearance of a messiah called jesus christ, …

he claiming he is god, he performing all kinds of magic stuffs like telling the storm and waves to stop, he walking on water, he turning water into wine, he saying “take up thy bed and walk” and an infirmed man immediately got up, picked up his bed and walked home, he telling a fig tree to be gone bec it was not producing fruits and immediately the fig tree shriveled up, he shouting to one dead Lazarus saying “come out” and this corpse appeared from the grave after 4 days lying supinely stiff and was stinking, he healing a soldier’s ear severed by one peter like it was never sliced off before, he making the blind see, he healing lepers, he dying on the cross, veil in the tabernacle ripped asunder into 2 from top to bottom as soon as he gave up his ghost, he rising again from the grave after 3 days, he going up to heaven, he coming back again during the end times …

all seemingly very authentic, very appealing, very entertaining like movies and very life-impacting — but there is just one problem. There is just no evidence and these ridiculous anecdotes cannot pass muster of logic to prove their veracity.


Unlike Dork’s book, even though it’s just a book like their Book, what dork had put into it and into our head with his skillful writing and reasoning can be proven with evidence and logic! This is so because we have been infused with heightened consciousness and senses and those poor deluded Christians have none of what we have. We have new-found evidence and logic sense; the deluded Christians don’t but they only have old-fashion wisdom and common sense which are utterly inferior to our evidence and logic sense!

Ahhh it feels so good to be free. Free from god. Free from religion. Free from you can do this and you cannot do that. Free from confining good & evil, morality & immorality. Free from strawman sin. Free from the lie of burning in a hell. Free from subjectivity. Free from meaning & purpose of life. Free from relationship with a personal god. Free to feel, do, think, say, create and believe what I want, where I want, when I want, with whom I want! Ahhh so elevating to be freed from the god delusion!

There is no god! There is no god!! There is no god!!! There was just this Big Bang and everything, like as what the deluded fanatic Christians believe written in their Bible, all came into existence from nothing and everything had>have been evolving and evolving and evolving since billions and billions of years ago!

Be happy, jedi! I am one of you now! Stardust infused with high consciousness! Know-all!

Be happy also, you are no longer alone in the battle against the deluded fanatic Christians who are still stuck in their god delusion. You have me now. We are warriors together to carry out our mission to raise their consciousness level, like we have after reading the dork’s book, and teach them they cannot accept anything if anything does not pass the muster of evidence and logic.

People like @John Gaccione, @Tom Weeks, @Dj Hudgins and their minions can fire their fiery darts and pedal their silly anecdotes and magic events to try to break you down and convince you to ‘come home’ but they better up their game. They now have to deal with 2 stardusts with consciousness and senses so high our ‘evidence and logic nose’ can smell their deceptions even before they can think them.

Take care, jedi. This is to let you know I am back and I have your back. Talk to you again soon. The force be with you!

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