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Moving On Without Pretention

May 23, 2019

It all began 10 years ago with a trust betrayed …


Neil Keenan Update May 9, 2019

Daniel Dal Bosco, introduced to Neil Keenan by Benjamin Fulford as one he could trust – turned out to be nothing more than a RAT working with Leo Zagami and the Milano P2 [Freemason] Lodge, and as an advisor to the Vatican.

For detail on this incident and further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.

Did I say trust betrayed? Forget it, there was never any trust, it was in reality just me against them.

It began with Dal Bosco, the P2 Lodge, and the Vatican with Benjamin Fulford setting the stage regarding the theft of 130 plus Billion Dollars in US notes owned by the Golden Dragon Family.

For further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.

See: 7.04 The Chiasso Incident: $134.5 Billion Stolen

Once the notes were stolen, this is where the adventure really begins – but whereas you have all heard enough of the adventures, I now want to take you to the end of the chase.

The end of the chase leads us to taking control of our own destinies, all the while pushing back those that have been stealing what does not belong to them for literally over 100 years.

This could be their final chapter; and remember this, it was all written in Japan most recently with a meeting no less than the Appalachian meeting with the Italian Dons in New York.

At least the Italians were honest among themselves and continue to be to this day.

The Cartel, Cabal, Khazarian Zionists – whatever you wish to call them – are the recent day wanna-be’s fighting with their last breath to steal whatever is in the Global accounts.

In short, they will soon find themselves gasping for their last little bit of air. It is over and we have our eyes everywhere.

No longer will we allow them to create earthquakes with their DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) / HAARP / mini-nukes and / or other machines, nor allow them to put the very same machines under volcanoes (See: Indonesia.)

No longer boys, the jig is up!

We are on to you and soon enough we the people will be looking into your eyes from across the table judging you on your guilt.

If you wish, you might like to recollect some thoughts from the last post by reading and watching it at the link below –  and then move on to what I call ‘one step closer to the finish line’:

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | There’s A New Sheriff In Town No More Freebies

Following the last post (above) we received many communications from various people throughout the world.

None however, were any more belligerent than the comments made by DENNIS LAMBERT, Chairman of the (IRDB) International Reserve Development Bank, who was a featured individual that was exposed in our last post.

After listening to threats and so on (with his not knowing that I can have him picked up at nearly any time I wish) our team went to work and discovered the stolen funds that were transferred from South Korea to Montana – were now being used to finance another branch of the IRDB Bank in Seoul, South Korea itself.

Is it not ironic that the IRDB would be setting itself up within the very nation from which it stole the funds in the first place?

However you look at it, the money did not belong to either LAMBERT and his team nor South Korea; therefore these are to be seen as stolen funds considering that most of said funds are owned by the Golden Dragon Family.

Most would consider such a move to be a severe lack of wisdom. Returning to the scene of the crime, unless you have the support of some highly influential people, it appears to be a rather stupid move.

Well, for the book – we assisted in putting former President Park of South Korea where she belongs, and now it has become apparent that others will become subject to the same criminal courts. We know who they are as well.

See also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Don’t Back Down

As for the individual and group pictures in the previous post, I have already made it clear.

The US Sedona Group is just a bunch of old lost souls. These people have been misled, but needless to say, they are still participants in a crime or criminal behaviour.

They are all nonetheless little more than small-time thinkers, hoping to ‘get rich quick’ by playing in an Asian game.

On the other hand Mr Loh, as described by the Malaysian newspapers, is nothing more than a con and not a member of the Dragon Family.

‘A Historic Day’ – Former Malaysian PM Appears In Court As 1MDB Corruption Trial Begins

See also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Malaysian Dead Man Walking Caper – Part 2

If he were, he would have no necessity to steal from assets that were rightfully owned.

Loh is definitely connected though, as can be seen from a bank document I received regarding a transaction for 10 Billion, 200 Million Euros that was transferred between Deutsche Bank in Germany and Hang Seng Bank of Hong Kong, with HSBC Bank of Hong Kong accepting full responsibility for the transaction.

The irony of this bank credit to Mr. Loh is that, although being signed since my last post no one has gone near the funds.

Mr. Loh, they are surrounding Hong Kong as I speak and are closing in on you.

Further to the Global Fund thefts which were mentioned in our previous post, there was recently a congregation of foreign businessmen and bankers led by Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, and many others which took place in Tokyo, Japan.


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