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Asian Insider II Reports … In A Timely Manner

May 27, 2019

Neil Keenan Update May 22, 2019

“Following recent publications in which Mr. Keenan and his Keenan Group shed light upon what only can be termed as the “highway theft” that is, and that continues to transpire throughout Asia (and has done so for decades); I understand that he has received a multitude of calls from individuals and collectives who have been following his actions, the world over.

It is of little wonder that at a point, that “leaving the phone turned off” was the only way that anything else of import was manageable.

One is compelled to reflect upon the following point after these relatively recent events: What effort has any government department or agency (anywhere) actually undertaken to investigate the unlawful transactions that have been exposed of late?

The only conclusion that one is able to reach, is that the entrenched establishment (bridging multiple borders) have in actuality, been colluding and conspiring to keep knowledge of thievery on a massive scale, from becoming public knowledge.

What has become public knowledge, even if still only to a minority, is that there are many factions within the Illuminati (or “Cabal”) that have been working towards what some term as a “New World Order”, incrementally, over the span of a great deal of time indeed.

Said factions vie for control of this within their own ilk, but nonetheless a key part of the overall roadmap calls for the elimination of approximately ninety percent of the human population of this world. This is an unconscionable concept to many and so it may be easily dismissed; unless one is sufficiently educated so as to be able to understand the psychology and beliefs of those who consider themselves the elite; with “the divine right to rule”.

However, I digress. With respect to the voluminous recent transactions (which have been downsized), let us take stock of resulting developments.

Mr. Loh once again, caught setting up a “group chat.”

One wonders what became of Mr. Loh’s minions in Sedona? Perhaps they were dispatched as a result of appearing in photographic evidence of their actions.

It is doubtful that any discerning professional worth their salt would give any consideration to a person who conducts themselves such as Mr. Loh has done.

This brings us to the “new Sherriff” in town. A comical term perhaps, but I can assure readers that Mr. Keenan does have an agenda that is powered by an intense committment to assist the people and nations that so desperately require such, especially after what they have been subjected to.

Alas, South Korea finds itself within the crosshairs again.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sent her second son, Prince Andrew to meet with South Korean officials on the recent 14th of May. This meeting was “all about the bunkers” and it was an effort towards the survival of the British Royal Family.

Frankly speaking, Andrew turned up with his hands out and with the appeals of a beggar.

Unfortunately for Andrew and his “betters”, not on that occasion, nor upon any other in the future, would any deal be conveyed. The leaks within his family’s ship are both the fault and problems of their clan alone.

It is not entirely surprising that with the “New World Order” “Cabal” factions now finding themselves on the skids (including the fully infiltrated Democratic Party of the United States which is buckling at the knees) that we are seeing Illuminati emissaries attempting to gain access to bunker assets in various locations around the globe.

This type of activity is being attempted not only in South Korea; this weaseling is also in play in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and China.

Mr. Keenan has previously exposed and thereby blocked such attempted thefts in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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