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The Miracles of Jesus

June 16, 2019

‘Prince of Peace’ by Akiane as reflected in her God-given visions

* Jesus walked on earth 2,000 years ago

The Bible describes at least 39 Miracles that Jesus performed during His Public Ministry, and various other Miracles are described that are associated with Him, such as His Birth, Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension. This presentation gives a chronological sequence of the Miracles in Jesus’ life, as presented in the Four Gospels. Each event includes the appropriate Scriptural reference(s). Also, the location of the events are indicated, to better follow the travels of the Lord while He was on Earth.

Most of the events occurred during the approximate three-and-a half year Ministry of Jesus.

There are literally thousands of books that have been published that present “commentary” on these various events. That is not the intent of this chart. Commentary invariably involves some assumptions, opinions, conclusions and judgments regarding what occurred and why, and this presentation means to avoid that, and merely present the sequence of events, and their Scriptural basis.

This presentation has another value. The “Harmony of the Gospels” is included as a consequence of the thoroughness of the Scriptural support, so many of the events have Scriptural citations in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

The Miracles of Jesus Christ

Description Location Scripture
Joseph’s vision Nazareth Mat 1:20-25
Birth of Jesus Bethlehem Luk 2:1-7
First Miracle at Cana Cana Joh 2:1-11
Miraculous Healing of nobleman’s son Cana Joh 4:46-54
Miracle at pool of Bethesda Jerusalem Joh 5:1-47
Miracle Draught of fishes Capernaum Luk 5:1-11
Miraculous Healing of demoniac Capernaum Mar 1:23-27; Luk 4:33-36
Miraculous Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law Capernaum Mat 8:14-15; Mar 1:29-31; Luk 4:38-39
Miraculous Healing of many sick and diseased Capernaum Mat 8:16-17; Mar 1:32-34; Luk 4:40-41
Miraculous Healing of leper Galilee Mat 8:1-4; Mar 1:40-45; Luk 5:12-16
Miraculous Healing of paralytic Capernaum Mat 9:1-8; Mar 2:1-12; Luk 5:18-26
Miraculous Healing of man with withered hand Capernaum Mat 12:9-14; Mar 3:1-6; Luk 6:6-11
Miraculous Healing of centurion’s servant Hill of Hattin? Mat 8:5-13; Luk 7:1-10
Miraculous Raising of son of widow of Nain Luk 7:11-17
Miraculous Healing of demoniac Capernaum Mat 12:22
Miraculous Calming of storm Sea of Gennesaret Mat 8:24-27; Mar 4:37-41; Luk 8:23-25
Miracle involving Gergesene demoniacs Gergesa Mat 8:28-34; Mar 5:1-15; Luk 8:27-35
Miracle: Woman with issue of blood Gennesaret Mat 9:20-22; Mar 5:22; Luk 8:41
Miracle: Jairus’ daughter Capernaum Mat 9:18,23-25; Mar 5:22; Luk 8:41
Miracles: 2 Blind men Capernaum Mat 9:27-30
Miracle: Dumb spirit Capernaum Mat 9:32-33
Feeding of the 5,000 Bethsaida Mat 14:13-21; Mar 6:30-44; Luk 9:12-17; Joh 6:1-13
Miraculous Walking on water Lake Gennesaret Mat 14:25; Mar 6:48; Joh 6:19
Miraculous Healing of daughter of Syrophoenician woman Phoenicia Mat 15:21-29; Mar 7:24-30
Miraculous Healing of deaf and dumb man Tyre, Sidon Mar 7:32
Miraculous Healing of many sick persons Decapolis Mat 15:30,31
Miraculous Feeding of the 4,000 Gennesaret Mat 15:32-39; Mar 8:1-9
Miraculous Healing of blind man Bethsaida Mar 8:23-27
The Transfiguration Mt. Hermon Mat 17:1-8; Mar 9:2-8; Luk 9:28-36
Miraculous Healing of demoniac child Mt. Hermon Mat 17:14-21; Mar 9:14-27; Luk 9:37-42
Miracle: Stater in fish’s mouth Capernaum Mat 17:27
Miraculous Healing of blind man and discourses Jerusalem Joh 9:1
Miraculous Healing of mute demoniac Judea Mat 12:22-45; Luk 11:14
Miraculous Healing of woman with infirmity Judea Luk 13:10-17
Miraculous Healing of man with dropsy Peraea Luk 14:1-6
Miraculous Resurrection of Lazarus Bethany Joh 11:17-46
Miraculous Healing of 10 lepers Borders of Samaria Luk 17:12-19
Miraculous Healing of blind Bartimaeus Near Jericho Mat 20:29-34; Mar 10:46-52; Luk 18:35-43
Miraculous Withering of barren fig-tree Mt. of Olives Mat 21:18-19; Mar 11:12-14
Miraculous Healing of ear of Malchus Gethsemane Luk 22:51
Darkness over all the land Golgotha Mat 27:45; Mar 15:33; Luk 23:44,45

Appearances of Jesus Christ after His Resurrection

1a) To Mary Magdalene The Garden Mar 16:9,10; Joh 20:14
1b) To Women returning home The Garden Mat 28:9
1c) To 2 Disciples going to Emmaus Mar 16:12; Luk 24:13
1d) To Peter Jerusalem 1 Cor 15:5; Luk 24:34
1e) To 10 Apostles in the upper room Jerusalem Luk 24:33; Joh 20:19
1f) To 11 Apostles in the upper room Jerusalem Mar 16:14; Joh 20:26
1g) To Thomas; “reach hither thy finger,” etc Jerusalem Joh 20:27
Miracle: Draught of fishes Tiberias Joh 21:1-11
1h) To Disciples at sea of Tiberias Joh 21:1-24
1i) To Peter, “Feed my sheep, feed my lambs” Tiberias Joh 21:15-17
1j) To 11 Disciples on mountain Galilee Mat 28:16
1k) To Cephas, then the 12 Galilee Mat 28:16; 1 Cor 15:5
1l) To 500 brethren at once Galilee 1 Cor 15:6
1m) To James, then all the Apostles 1 Cor 15:7
1n) To Paul 1 Cor 15:8
THE ASCENSION Bethany Mar 16:19; Luk 24:50-51

For a complete list of the sequential events in the life of Jesus, please see the separate Chronology for that period at Chronology of the Life of Jesus.

For events prior to, and after the life of Jesus, please see the separate Chronology for that period, at: Chronology of the Events of the Bible.

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