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Kojadi board ‘forced’ to sign statement on 1MDB funds, claims its chair

July 1, 2019

Koperasi Jayadiri Sdn Bhd (Kojadi) chairperson Ng Peng Hay today claimed that board members of the MCA-owned cooperative were forced to sign a statement against him over the 1MDB funds it received.

Yesterday, Ng dropped a bombshell when he claimed MCA president Wee Ka Siong tried to block his meeting with the MACC in a bid to surrender the RM15 million channelled from Yayasan 1MDB to Kojadi.

A statement signed by 11 of the 14 Kojadi board members was later issued denying any interference from Wee.

“Shortly after the issuance of the press statement last night, at about 10.30pm, one of the board members called me to apologise to me that he was ‘forced’ to sign the press statement,” Ng said in a statement.

“Who forced the 11 directors to sign the press statement?… Thankfully, three other directors refused to sign.”

The statement also disputed Ng’s claim that the Kojadi board had authorised him to meet with the MACC over the funds from 1MDB.

However, Ng explained that the board had authorised him to meet with “relevant authorities” over the matter, which he said would include the MACC.

“I wish to repeat that my intention is to safeguard the interest of Kojadi, by forestalling the listing of Kojadi in the coming MACC list resulting in freezing of Kojadi accounts, which will have a disastrous impact on Kojadi’s finances, staff morale, members confidence, payments of salary and collections of loans,” he said.

A total of 41 individuals and entities are facing a civil forfeiture suit for receiving funds from Najib Abdul Razak’s bank account, which were allegedly stolen from 1MDB.

However, the 11 Kojadi board members yesterday argued that the money it received directly from 1MDB’s charitable arm had nothing to do with the former premier’s account.

Ng disputed this explanation, however.

“To Wee, please do not dishonour the office of the MCA president,” he said.

“The whole world knows monies in 1MDB, SRC International, Najib’s account and Yayasan 1MDB all belong to the people of Malaysia.

“I have been a loyal party member for 45 years. And, together with many other members, we are of the view that you are not fit to lead the party.

“I finally decided enough is enough. Hence, my decision to resign from the party (yesterday),” he said.

Ng also claimed he had evidence of WhatsApp messages sent by Wee, which he said would “clearly show” interference in Kojadi’s affairs.

Najib is currently facing 42 charges of money laundering, criminal breach of trust and abuse of power over the misappropriation of billions of ringgit in funds from 1MDB and associated entities.


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