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Obama thought ousting Trump would preserve his “legacy”?

July 29, 2019

What legacy? The weakening of the military, the Obamacare disaster, promoting total moral decay, the worsening of race relations and much more.

Expert: Obama tried to oust Trump to preserve legacy


Sunday, July 28, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Between President Donald Trump’s election and inauguration, former President Barack Obama and his administration conspired to oust his successor in order to preserve his legacy, according to one legal analyst from Fox News.

While discussing Democrats’ partisan anti-Trump conspiracy before his book, Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History comes out, Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett said Obama is just one of the conspirators who will be held accountable when Todd Starnes Radio Show Host Todd Starnes asked him if Democrats were toning down their attack in anticipation of their own impending doom.

“I totally agree with that,” Jarrett told Starnes on his show. “Well, the inspector general’s report will probably come out in September, late September, early October – right about the time my book, Witch Hunt, comes out – and I think it’s going to be devastating for people like Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, James Baker – all of these people at the FBI and the Department of Justice who allowed their partisanship to influence their decisions. It was an abuse of power. I think there’ll be criminal referrals.”

Obama not overlooked

Starnes went on to inquire whether the Obama White House and Oval Office are worried about being found out.

“Absolutely Comey met with Obama the day before he briefed Trump on the dossier – an edited version of the briefing,” Jarrett responded. “And you know, I think that the Obama administration had Trump in their site, and they were going to do their level best to undo the election results and drive him from office – and I think Barack Obama was in on it.”

When Starnes asked if a historic level of corruption will be uncovered, Jarrett answered to the affirmative.

“Oh sure – it is not only undermining the rule of law, but subverting democracy,” Jarrett impressed.

A new ballgame after Mueller strikeout

Democrats must now retrench following last week’s nationally televised fiasco that they hoped would undermine Trump – or at least give them a boost heading into a presidential election year.

“[Jarrett’s comments followed former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress on Wednesday about his investigation of alleged Trump-Russia collusion,” WND pointed out from the interview, noting Jarrett made it clear Mueller didn’t write any of his own report. “Mueller found no evidence of it and did not refer obstruction of justice charges against the president.”

Mueller’s incessant stuttering and state of confusion during his testimony before Congress were telling.

“[Mueller] deflected and obfuscated throughout,” Jarrett commented, according to WND. “Chris Wallace observed this was a disaster for Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller. I would agree wholeheartedly.”

In fact, it appears the so-called “Russian collusion” went the other way.

“Jarrett said Democrats paid Russia for information, referring to the Steele dossier, and fed it to the DOJ and others ‘to influence the election in 2016,’” WND noted. “Jarrett also said there needs to be an accounting of Mueller’s hiring of ‘partisans’ with conflicts of interest to lead his investigative team. Further, he said insiders informed him that Mueller admitted in March 2018 that Trump had no ‘criminal collusion exposure,’ yet, he withheld that information from the public until after the 2018 elections – in which the Democrats regained the House of Representatives.”

Protect what?

Exactly what Obama feared would happen with his successor is what has taken place under Trump, who has made a career out of rolling back many of the Obama-era rules and regulations that came to be a trademark of his ultra-left eight-year legacy.

“While much of President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda remains hamstrung [or] stalled … he has been able to accomplish one policy-making goal: undoing laws passed by President Barack Obama, and now that former Vice President Joe Biden has entered the 2020 race, the ‘Obama vs. Trump’ list of initiatives and laws will become front-and-center as Biden tries to rally the nation around the Obama years,” reported. “The somewhat progressive Obama era will be the center of Biden’s campaign, like passing the Affordable Care Act and entering into the Paris Climate Accord, but opposing them have been some of President Trump’s proudest accomplishments.”

Most recently, Obama’s environmentalist-driven crackdown – which conservatives saw as making the United States more dependent on foreign nations (including Islamic terrorism-sponsoring organizations) – has been targeted by Trump.

“Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler … finalized the agency’s plan for replacing Obama-era regulations on emissions from coal-fired power plants – part of a long-running effort by the Trump administration to roll back environmental rules,” Fox News announced last month. “While the Obama administration and Democrats saw the Clean Power Plan as a crucial component in international efforts to curb global warming, Republicans have long claimed those regulations went too far and were too costly. From the start of President Trump’s administration, his Environmental Protection Agency has been working to overhaul the program, which was halted by the Supreme Court in 2016 before going into effect.”

Recently dumping Obama’s regulations catering to the multi-billion-dollar green industry was just the cherry on top of a massive shift from Obama’s leftist policies.

“The list of Obama laws undone by Trump is long, spans almost every part of the government, and is added to continuously,”’s Mike Rothschild stressed back in April. “Since day one, undoing Obama’s legacy has been Trump’s stated goal, and while many of his less realistic or legally grounded ideas fall away or are blocked, he never seems to let up from dismantling the work done during the Obama years.”

Trump’s scaling back of Obama’s left-leaning policies surpassed the 1,000-mark long ago.

“The study, from libertarian think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute, found that Trump has withdrawn, delayed or canceled nearly 1,600 regulatory rules that were either existing or in the pipeline after his first year,” Rothschild informed. “A comprehensive list of every Trump rollback of an Obama law is impossible, and would be mired in confusing and conflicting terminology over what a rule really is, and what the difference is between a cancellation and a rollback, but there’s no doubt that Trump has made his administration’s mission undoing almost everything.”

A list of some of the major cutbacks from Obama-era laws, deals and initiatives in the Obama vs. Trump policy war follows:

  • The Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Paris Climate Accord 
  • Food labeling standards
  • Net neutrality
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Public reporting on drone strike casualties

Some other policy changes to note come as a result of Trump’s conservative appointments, including the turning around of many abortion laws to the delight of pro-life advocates, and well as curbing LGBT “rights” or privileges, such as transgender bathroom, locker room and changing room policies.


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