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KY Maszlee Malik

August 5, 2019

… is so inept and he must go as Minister of Education!

* Maszlee: Introduction of other calligraphy styles in Malaysian schools will be considered – There! This blog told you so in point 3 below! So predictable this Kot*k!

* Yoursay: Do we need to burden our students with khat?
* Tun, please replace Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee Malik
* Shoe Minister Maszlee should expose students to writing computer programs, not Khat writing

Maszlee Malik, Minister of Education

oKay, here’s whY lah … the list is not complete but good enough as justification for his sacking

1. Kasut Hitam policy – Introduced change from wearing White school shoes to Black ones for students

2. Khat policy – Is introducing all students to start learning to write Jawi in the fourth year

3. Kaligrafi Cina & India – It’s very likely his next policy will be for students to also learn to write Mandarin & Tamil, burdening them further

4. Kepala kosong – His track record so far suggests he is empty in the head and has not the brains to be Education Minister … this really put into question how he got his Doctorate

5. Kantoi minister – He is so clueless he gets himself busted as a fool with every move he makes, making himself, the ministership and Malaysia a laughing stock – adoi, menteri ni Koyak betul!

6. KY jelly – He appears constipated in coming up with intelligent policies so a dose of the lube to help unblock the passage and help him to think clearly is highly recommended. (As a qualified medical doctor, Tun M should know better and prescribe it for his Minister of Education, or sack him. The sooner the better before this Kerbau trashes our education system further.)

Should you wish to add to the list as justification for the sacking of Maszlee Malik as Minister of Education, please write your contribution as a comment. Thank you.

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