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Japanese puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “If you want to see me do my thing pull my string”

August 18, 2019

Neil Keenan Update, August 15, 2019

Immediately following the recent G20 Meeting, Japanese Prime Minister Muppet Shinzo Abe (“if you want to see me do my thing pull my string”) has apparently found himself having quite a miserable time.

He had a job to do whereby he was exposed as being not only a member of the Cabal, but more specifically, one of their puppets.

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On the day that he returned upon completion of the G20, Abe convened a private Cabinet meeting regarding the revision of the Export Trade Control Order and removed South Korea from its list of trusted trading partners.

Abe blamed South Korea for the leaks which recently took place that nailed his team in South Korea which was there to try to steal Golden Family-owned assets from South Koran bunkers.  Now comes “Pay Back”!

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The revised order will be co-signed by Hiroshige Seko, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Abe himself.

According to Seko the revision will take effect August 28, 2019.

As of this date Japanese exporters would require government approval each time they exported a shipment of strategic items to South Korea.

It is important to note here that Japan is historically part of the NWO. It was a Cabal-controlled entity long before Emperor Hirohito flew to England in 1921 as part of a conspiratorial attempt to create WWII during his meetings with French Prime Minister Clemenseau, US President Warren Harding and Britain’s Prime Minister Lloyd George.


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