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MailOnline Exclusive: Russian beauty queen who had baby with former King of Malaysia tells how ‘fairytale’ marriage collapsed

September 27, 2019

She read he was divorcing her on internet – and now she’ll have DNA test to prove son IS his


A glamorous Russian beauty queen whose marriage to the former King of Malaysia collapsed when she was four months pregnant only found out he was divorcing her via the internet, she claimed today.

Oksana Voevodina, 27, says she has not seen or spoken to her now ex-husband Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V since he walked out on her last December.

Oksana Voevodina spoke to MailOnline in her first interview since splitting from the Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V

But she says their son Leon is the spitting image of his father and that she is willing to agree to a DNA test for the boy amid swirling claims over his paternity.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the former Miss Moscow appealed directly to her estranged husband, also known as Faris, to start being a father to Leon.

‘Faris, wake up!’ she said. ‘You have a son, and you are a father.

‘And you are a royal. And no matter what happened to our marriage, I want my son to have both parents. Just think about your son.’

The former Miss Moscow married the 49-year-old sultan in a secret Islamic ceremony in the Malaysian state of Kelantan on June 7 last year.

Their summer wedding was followed by a glittering reception in Moscow which announced their unlikely union to the world, but within a few weeks the marriage had crumbled.

Russian beauty Oksana (above) wed the Sultan in a secret Islamic ceremony in the Malaysian state of Kelantan last summer. That was followed by a glittering reception in Moscow

‘When he left in December he never came back,’ she said in her first ever interview. ‘So I found out about the divorce from the internet. I don’t know what exactly happened because everything was okay, we were expecting our first baby and even now I still don’t understand the real reason he did this.’

Oksana, above holding her baby, doesn’t know why the marriage ended so quickly

Recalling their extravagant reception in Moscow, Oksana said: ‘It was like a fairy tale because every girl dreams about a beautiful marriage and so my husband decided to make this present for me.’

Their marriage was greeted by shock in the conservative Malaysian state, not least because of the 23-year age gap: ‘The age difference is exactly what amazed me – because his biological age and his real age are totally different.

‘Faris has a very young soul and, of course, he took care of me for a long time very beautifully.’

The Sultan’s union with the former model and reality TV star was met with unease by Islamic leaders in Malaysia despite his bride converting to the religion.

Their marriage was hit by controversy early on when the Russian media ran claims that five years before meeting Faris, Oksana had taken part in a lurid reality TV show.

The facts remain in dispute but her friends say she was entirely open with the king about her past life as their jet-setting romance blossomed. Yet by December he had gone.

And shortly after leaving, in January of this year the Sultan abdicated the throne as the country’s 15th King, becoming the first monarch in the nation’s history to do so.

But Oksana denied that she was the reason for his mysterious abdication.

‘It is a political question and (I) am out of politics,’ she said.


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