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Stunning clip shows billions in gold, cash hidden In Chinese city mayor’s secret basement

September 30, 2019

According to China’s anti-corruption laws, Qi will be executed

* Thirteen and a half tonnes of gold worth up to £520 million is found in a corrupt Chinese official’s home and £30 BILLION in suspected bribe money in his bank account  

Chinese police searched the house of Zhang Qi, 57, the former mayor of Danzhou, and found a large amount of cash, as well as 13.5 tons of gold in ingots in a secret basement of his home, according to local media.

In addition to the mayoral post, Qi held others including Secretary of the Communist Party.


According to unofficial reports, in addition to the $625 million worth of gold, cash worth 268 billion yuan ($37 billion) was discovered [ZH: seems highs to us].

The video prompted some witty social media responses …


Michael McGuire (@mmcguirenc) September 28, 2019

Kyle LaSalle (@Pitaman75) September 27, 2019

Berry ₿itcoin (@BerryBlockchain) September 27, 2019

Luxurious real estate with a total area of several thousand square meters, which the former city manager had been reportedly hiding, was the icing on the cake in this massive haul for the Chinese Anti-Corruption Committee.

Qi was investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the party’s internal disciplinary body, and the National Supervisory Commission, the highest anti-corruption agency of China, in September 2019.

According to China’s anti-corruption laws, Qi will be executed.


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