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Tanjong Piai Wipeout

November 18, 2019

* Tanjung Piai is Dr M’s worst by-election loss
* Malaysian dignity and punishing Pakatan
* Padan muka, Pakatan Harapan (PH)! You deserve to lose. Soon after GE-14, you FORGOT about the rakyat who put you in power
Protest votes, broken promises: Decisive defeat for Malaysia’s ruling coalition in Johor’s Tanjung Piai by-election

* Tanjung Piai debacle, lessons to be learnt and pitfalls to be avoided
* The morning after Tanjung Piai
* Congrats Mahathir – PPBM humiliated and lost Tanjung Piai after angry Chinese taught the PM a lesson
* Tg Piai result was a ‘punish,’ not a return of Chinese votes to BN  

Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli, Orang Muda, Orang Tua, Bugis, Rohingya, Bangla, Indon, Lembu, Kambing, Kucing, Anjing, Ayam, Itek All Voted Against Pakatan Harapan (PH)

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It’s a wonderful Sunday morning. The sun is out. The morning light and the shadows and there is always a breeze in our area.

The super duper Indon maids are in this morning and they have been sweeping and mopping from the living room to the study and then back to the living room. Breakfast was superb with perfect eggs, perfect buttered toast, guava, cereal with banana, really fragrant tea (no milk, sugar) plus the good wife threw in a tiny piece of cheesecake. Its a good start. Alhamdulillah.

Ok Tanjong Piai is done. First of all to all those who say I have “suddenly” turned against Dr Mahathir because I am bitter or some crap like that, here is a Sunday morning task for you – please take those 25,466 votes won by the MCA candidate in Tg Piai and shove it up your ass. You must do it now. It is urgent.

After that take a stout broom stick and shove that also further up your ass. That is for the added kick. For one last shove get Brader Rear Admiral and Semburit to assist. All you mel_ncap monkeys have really earned it.

Yang aku lagi sedih (tapi gelak juga) is that you just burned RM10.3 BILLION taxpayers money to bail out Tabung Haji !! Not only the Chinese hated you for this (and most rightly so) but it looks like even the Pak Haji and bakal haji in Tanjong Piai have shown you their kepala but_h about your RM10.3 billion bailout of Tabung Haji. They still voted against you.

BN tunjuk perangai.

At the cost of sounding arrogant (saya minta maaf sikit lah, sikit saja tau) – again whatever I say keeps coming true. All the complaints I have put up in this blog have been manifested in those 25,466 votes now shoved up your ass.

I am not the only one who has been complaining. Do you know why whatever I (and others like me) say keeps coming true? Because you are such a bunch of third class retards.

That brown ring you leave in your toilet bowl (after you mandi) probably has more IQ than you retards. We do not need rocket science to see your screw ups. Anyone with half a brain can see that you have been totally screwing up – for the past 15 months, and counting.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin made a fool of himself with his prediction of a 7,000 vote win. Obviously he has completely lost touch with reality.

To all those other PH supporters (the writers, analysts, etc) who were hoping for a PH victory, there is something seriously wrong with your value system as well. Yes, this is about your value system. If you still support PH there is really something seriously wrong with you.

  • This does not mean at all that you should support the BN.

  • The two are not mutually exclusive.

  • Not supporting one group of melanc_p monkeys does not automatically mean supporting another group of melanc_p monkeys.

  • They are both melanc_p monkeys.

  • It is important that you know that you cannot support the PH with all its hypocrisy and broken promises.

What must the PH do?
Well there are three years left before GE15.
Or till death do us part.
So fix the problem.

Can Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim fix the problem? I dont think so.

Do you hand over to Brader Backburner?
Dr Mahathir, history will curse you if you do that.

Feedback is Brader Backburner and his boys did an early “pullout” the last two days of the campaign and on election day (they were not wearing condoms you see – no protection).

They were absent on the ground. They were hoping for PH to lose to embarrass Dr Mahathir. That was actually wasted effort, because it really made no difference. The BN secured 25,466 votes while the PH got 10,000+. That is a 2.5 :1 ratio. Meaning the people are really fed up with the PH.

To the BN monkeys, jangan bengkak bro. This victory in Tg Piai does not mean anything significant for the BN. I would have voted for the BN too in Tg Piai. Bukan sebab saya sokong BN pun. Just to protest against PH. This was a protest vote.

And I hope this is a trend that is developing.

If the candidate is NOT a cebuk dale sungai type – VOTE for them.
If the candidate is NOT a thief – VOTE for them.

So if the parties want to win elections – get good candidates. Candidates with substance, intellectual, not cebuk dale sungai, not thieves. Simple isnt it? Apa susah sangat.

So in the meantime what must Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim and the others do?

You really have to fire (yes fire them) the dumbo Ministers who have been making fools of YOU. YOU have become fools because it is YOU who appointed them in the first place. And now despite their moron behaviours (Maszlee 1st prize, Syed Saddiq the dumb ass kid, that Flying Car moron, the sleeping minister of health, semburit, coconut head Kula plus a few others) it is YOU who have become the fools because you do not fire them.

Worse, now you yourself say the Ministers are bodoh.

Since you have identified them as “bodoh” and you still keep them, it must be you who is bodoh as well. Dua-dua bodoh.

Or is there another bigger Agenda?
You know the Menteris are bodoh.
But you still choose them.
You still keep them.
You dont fire them at all.


Imagine if all the Menteri were like me OutSyed The Box.
Terkencing dalam seluar nanti.
You think I will agree to all your stupid ideas.
Or your ‘enrich thy neighbour’ schemes?
Macam lah orang tak tahu.


Just implement the PH Manifesto now.
(Fire your media advisor as well – semua bodoh.)

Let me give you some free advice. There is no need to tell the people “Ok we have been stupid. We will implement the PH manifesto”. No need. Diam saja. Don’t open your mouth.

JUST DO IT. Just implement the Manifesto quickly and quietly.

Abolish the toll. YES JUST ABOLISH IT. Issue the Highway Bonds that I spoke about earlier. Issue Government of Malaysia bonds for RM30 billion or whatever, take the money and settle off PLUS. Then ABOLISH the toll. Then over the next 20 years, 25 years or whatever use our taxpayers money to settle the Highway bonds.

Toll or bonds, it is we the people who will still have to pay.
But through the bonds we pay for ownership.
Through the tolls we pay rental – never ending rental.

Get the economy moving. First of all you must completely liberalise the banking and financial system. Do not listen to your economic advisers. Their incompetence is becoming obvious. Since when did ‘notis cukai’ cause the Ringgit to depreciate or appreciate? Macam ini pun economic advisor ke?

Really abolish the monopolies and the oligopolies. Malaysia really needs a free market. Syed Mokhtar’s monopolies have become rich by sucking the people dry. Abolish these monopolies. Do it yesterday.

Abolish the AP system now. Abolish permits, licenses, APs for imports, exports etc. These are haram. Licenses and permits should be for administrative and regulations purposes only – like driving licenses. Not to benefit some races or cronies or vested interests.

Abolish the Sedition Act.
(No need to abolish SOSMA.)

Switch the teaching of Maths and Science to English now.
Sarawak is doing it to the great enthusiasm of the people in Sarawak.

Send that Indian Goat out of the country.
He has caused you nothing but trouble.
Send that terrorist preacher out of the country.

And get rid of that pro-ISIS mafia in the Darul Teroris up north, including that mufti.

Listen to the Special Branch about this issue.

Locate the physical being of Amri Che Mat, Helmy and wife Ruth, Pastor Koh and one more person. Where are they?

Their abduction and disappearance will haunt you. And your families.
You will bring bad luck and blight upon yourself if you leave their disappearance unresolved.
The bad luck is already afflicting you.
It will only get worse.
Nanti malam pun tak boleh tidur.

Totally curb the religious retards in JAKIM and elsewhere.
Do not waste our taxpayers money.
ABOLISH Jakim. Sunnah wal Jamaah is a State matter. It is NOT a Federal matter.

Avoid attending anymore degrading “saya tak ada maruah” congress.
Kalau sudah bodoh itu takdir, tapi bila sengaja tunjuk bodoh, itu DNA.
Lebih baik duduk rumah dan melanc_p saja.

Now a little about the DAP.

To Ronnie Liu and Mr Lim Kit Siang.
Which is more important?
Your original struggle or now the Agenda?

The longer you stay with PH, not only the Chinese but all your other supporters will kick you out as well. You have done so much damage to yourself that it will take you many years to recover the confidence of the Chinese. Or you may never recover at all.

You thought you could ‘weaken’ Malay political dominance from the inside. Instead Dr Mahathir has injected the DAP with radioactive plutonium. He has outsmarted you. Now it is the DAP who has become a pariah.

A government person from a neighbouring country said, ‘They sold out very fast’. This is what I hear from others as well.

You have 42 seats. Stomp your feet and stand your ground.
Or get up and leave. The people will respect you.

My last piece of advice to the PH – just implement the PH Manifesto.
Just do it.

People first. Rakyat di dahulukan.

Dompet hang di belakangkan.

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