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FISA court releases previously classified order

December 23, 2019

Expands investigation to include ALL warrants brought before the court by FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith


On Friday the Department of Justice declassified an order from FISA Judge Collyer written on December 5th on the fraud perpetrated on the court by Obama operatives.

Conservative Treehouse posted a copy of the declassified report.

The FISA Court also expanded its investigation to include ALL warrants brought before the court by far left FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith.

The Hill reported:

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court (FISA) that approved FBI surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page is now investigating other applications it’s received from one of the agency’s attorneys accused of making an inappropriate change to the Page application.

The review, which was announced in an order released Friday, hints at a comprehensive effort by the secretive court to reevaluate surveillance after the Justice Department inspector general’s report found errors in the Page application process.

In the order, written on Dec. 5 and declassified Friday, the court requested that the executive branch identify “all other matters currently or previously before this Court” that involved FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. The court also requested explanations of how the Justice Department and FBI are ensuring that Clinesmith’s submissions were accurate.

The order goes on to ask for information as to whether Clinesmith faces possible disciplinary action from the bar regarding the change he made in the application for surveillance on Page.


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