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Virginia uprising gives ‘We the People’ the formula to stop anti-gun laws

December 24, 2019

* Virginia activates official militia in response to gun confiscation threats
* Virginia sheriff says he’ll deputize residents if gun laws pass
* Civil War: VA politicians vow sweeping gun laws as police, veterans, residents join exploding militia  

I must admit I did not see this coming. The recent uprising of Virginia citizens against new gun laws was unexpected by both conservatives and liberals. What has happened ladies and gentlemen is simply this – the state of Virginia has just given us the formula to stop unconstitutional gun laws dead in their tracks.

After going through 8 years of Obama in the Whitehouse and then a recent democratic victory in Virginia, the liberals became overconfident and arrogant with power. This attitude enticed them to push through their long sought-after goal of disarming the public with new draconian gun laws. The first reaction against those unconstitutional laws came from one sheriff, in one county who declared that he would deputize every gun owner in the county to stand against those new laws if they were made into law.

The next thing that happened was the counties across the state started to vote on making their county a “Second Amendment Safe Zone.” This action brought out hundreds of thousands of citizens to County meetings and the result was 90 of 95 counties voted in favor of making their county a 2nd Amendment safe zone(2A). The next thing that happened was the National Guard officers and soldiers said they would not obey orders to go after Virginia citizens to confiscate their weapons.

Every move that was made by the citizens of Virginia was lawful and Constitutionally sound. That my friends, is the pattern, and the formula to stop the socialists’ agenda to take the guns away form the people. It could not have been laid out more concisely or more perfectly than what we observed in Virginia.

The result of this united stand for liberty, is a sea change in American politics, a complete game changer in favor of turning the tide against ultra-liberals and their socialist change agents. This will result in more republicans getting elected in the next election, not only in Virginia but in all the rest of the states nationwide.

A giant was awakened when the liberals had an evil thought and figured they had the next increment in anti-gun laws in the bag. In their minds it was a done deal. All they had to do is write up the legalistic sounding law papers, and ask for a vote from their fellow liberals and presto, they would instantly make criminals out of hundreds of thousands of Virginians. They didn’t stop at that either, they doubled down and wrote up more laws to vote on that said they would arrest any law enforcement officer who refused to obey those unconstitutional laws and orders and not allow him employment for a year. Then they wrote another law against any training or instruction in firearms which was meant to stop militia training.

They didn’t stop there, they then started discussions on shutting down electric power, the phone lines, and the internet in any zones they were at war with. This was a blatant grab for power and control of the people and it could not have been more obvious or more diametrically opposed to the US Constitution. Question:

If Virginia law enforcement won’t obey their gun laws, and the national guard will refuse to obey those unconstitutional orders, who did the Virginia democrats expect to enforce this illegal law?!? As I see it they are standing alone, except for the panty wearing communist anarchists that are also working for anti-gun laws. It appears to me that these smooth talking, communist loving, pro illegal invasion, rainbow flag waving, democrat politicians are standing alone in the state capital. It is no wonder that petitions are now being signed by the public to recall the governor.

Up until now we have only seen one law after the other being passed by liberals in states to weaken the Second Amendment rights of the people. With the liberal news media and ultra-liberal politicians pushing for the disarmament of all Americans it appeared that their goal was in reach. With the new red flag laws being used the police were being sent out to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens on the mere accusation that a neighbor or anyone, was concerned about them using the guns illegally.

This starts a nightmare legal process then for a citizen trying to prove his innocence. I thought US citizens were innocent UNTIL proven guilty. But the liberals have twisted the laws to match their gun grabbing agenda, and one by one make people out to be criminals until they can prove they are innocent. This is reminiscent of a communist tactic, and like the novel “1984” by Orwell. With one person standing against a police state, they go down one by one. They ether fight to defend their Constitutional rights when the police come for their guns, or they try to fight it in the courts and go bankrupt in the process.

In either case, as an individual, they lose. But when people hang together against tyrannical actions that are clearly Unconstitutional, they can win the battle against the takeover of this nation. In fact, that is what the founding fathers said: “We must hang together, or must assuredly, we will hang separately”. That statement was made in 1776 by Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was serious business then and it is serious today. Every state in the union can make the same stand the liberty loving citizens of Virginia made – and the result will be a few thumb sucking liberals standing alone in a capital wondering what happened to their servants to carry out their orders.

You are seeing history unfolding before your eyes. This is the formula to finally stop the communistic incremental gun laws that would end up disarming Americans. And, once we are disarmed total government rule is not far behind. In every case where dictators took over a nation, they disarmed the people first. A disarmed populace makes tyranny easy to accomplish and turns free citizens into slaves under a totalitarian state. But this is a nation of, for and by the people. WE made this government, WE wrote the constitution, and WE defended the principles of freedom for this nation. And let’s not forget, our forefathers bled and died to give us a perpetual inheritance of freedom – if we will only stand up on our watch.

What has happened in Virginia since the liberal politicians started to pass their anti-gun laws? They stopped the process; they didn’t follow through on their schemes. No shots were fired, no one was arrested – and freedom won. That is how you stand up against an evil state government that wished for power and then were rejected by the people in mass. Congratulations to the courageous Virginia patriots that made that stand and continue to be an example to the nation.

George Eaton


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