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Altantuya: Questions!

December 26, 2019

* If it’s only about money, why kill Altantuya?
* Hippocratic oath for doctors; hypocritical oath for crooks  

Owen Jones

Hahaha – what a joke! Why now Najib? Why didn’t you say all this in the first instance?

1. Why did your brother meet PI Bala in the VW showroom?
2. Why did your brother threaten PI Bala?
3. Why did you ask PI Bala to retract his SD?
4. Why did you ask PI Bala to leave the country?
5. Why was police investigation on the murder stopped abruptly after the arrest of Razak Baginda?
6. Why did the policewoman who accompanied Sirul and Azilah not allowed to testify during the trial?
7. Why was the judge Segara removed as the trial judge after the preliminary hearing?
8. Why was the entire prosecution team changed?
9. Why was the cautioned statement by Sirul and Azilah where they claimed they had killed 7 or 8 others before Altantuya not permitted to be used in court – admissibility not even mentioned in court?
10. Why did you send a message to Razak Baginda – that all is well and taken care of?
11. Why did Sirul and Azilah wait in Razak Baginda’s house with the policewoman and grab her and force her into the PDRM car?
12. How did Sirul and Azilah get the C4?
13. Did Mahathir or Badawi ever know Altantuya?
14. Who was the defense minister during the Scorpene purchase?
15. Why was the Maybank in Lumut set on fire? (Same reason as EPF PJ?)
16. Why were Sirul and Azilah wrapped up throughout the trial and why were their faces not allowed to be seen?
17. Why were the immigration records of Altantuya’s entry into Msia deleted?
18. What were Sirul and Azilah doing in your house on the night before the murder of Altantuya?
19. When the late Karpal who was observing asked a very pertinent question why did the judge, the defense and the prosecution all jump up to object?
20. How could a judge conduct a trial without establishing motive – unless he has been directed to do so?

The apex courts took the easy way out by saying they can only rule based on the evidence already adduced – that they cannot ask for more evidence unless there is something that is completely new that might change the outcome of the earlier trial. Well, the SD from Azilah is a game-changer for whatever it is worth – so there HAS TO BE A FRESH TRIAL AND YES, WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE SHALL FACE THE DEATH SENTENCE.

HH comment: some of the questions makes you think…does it not? Will answer them when I think it is necessary. Meanwhile, feel free to answer them yourself.


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