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Congrats to the G25

January 31, 2020

I first wrote this in early January 2020.

I would like to offer my congratulations to G25 for their excellent research and conclusions in their 404 page report “Administration Of Matters Pertaining To Islam” which was launched recently.

Other than pointing out that JAKIM is unconstitutional (for the detractors Article 12 of the Federal Constitution is specific to education issues, not criminal enforcement of religion. Plus there is no mention of Halal certification either) the G25 study also questions the legal basis of the religious courts and it is also not in favour of the hudud.

The G25 have done an excellent job. Congratulations.

Although the G25 has the number 25 in it, it actually represents a much wider group of ‘sympathisers’ among educated Malays.

In my view the much larger group of the G25’s sympathisers are other educated Malays who have come to realise that things are seriously wrong with “religious learning” and there are serious threats to our civilisation from the “religious fraternity.”

The complete breakdown of the Arab countries since 2011, the rise of the ISIS ‘yahjuj mahjuj’, the salafis, the wahabis and all sorts of other religious insanities has perhaps contributed to the G25 coming to realise (I hope and I think so) the falsehood that has been masquerading in society, in your homes and worse in your beliefs. It is a falsehood.

I take the Arab Spring and the consequent rise of ISIS as a watershed moment for many educated and sensible Muslims all over the world to realise that their religion has actually been hijacked by these insanely deviant people.

Although its a bit late but better late than never.
My friends and I were not much earlier – we saw this threat way back in the 1980s.

Sadly from the 1980s until the Arab Spring and the ISIS insanity in 2011 many folks thought people like my friends and I were the ones who were off on a tangent. Now you know different.

Since the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS many Muslims in this country have begun to turn around. They can see for themselves that what people like my friends and I have been saying all these decades has come true.

We have been the few sane voices. But it is really sad that what we warned about over all these years has had to come true – so devastatingly and so horribly – all over the Islamic world. And now it appears to be unravelling here in Malaysia.

The report by the G25 is actually a rejection of these religious fellows.

The problem with the religious fraternity is in their education.

Between being educated and not educated.

The problem is they are not educated – not in the modern sense of the word.

Modern sense meaning they have no evidence.

Their learning is not evidence based.

And of course it is not scientific.

  • They claim they are learned but what did they learn?
  • They learned that it is ok for bapak zina to kahwin anak zina?
  • The Arabs still debate that it is ok for adult men to suckle from the breasts of adult women to become bukan muhrim?
  • They learned that it is ok to kill people who do not believe as they believe?
  • This is what they call “education”?
  • Nauzubillah this is kuda liar education.
  • Wild horses.

They were taught that they ‘tidak boleh menggunakan akal dalam semua hal.”

The underlying basis for their “education” is “tidak boleh menggunakan akal.”
What type of education is that – “tidak boleh menggunakan akal”?

And they can present no evidence for their learning.

They refer this writer and that writer but they do not have original documents or original writings which go back to the earliest periods.

They say that the first formulation of religious law was by Malik.
But there is no original book written by Malik.
No museum or library has even one original book written by Malik.
Where is the original? None.
There are no such things.

They only have what other people said about what other people said about what other people said.

Then they have the “differences of opinions.”

For example there are 27 versions of Malik’s book – so they say.

Then there are also different versions of Ibn Hisham and Ibn Ishak – so they say.

So which one is the correct version?
Don’t know.

Now compare their learning to your learning.
I believe all of the G25 folks are well educated.

Lets say you studied law or economics or medicine or engineering – recall the difficulties you went through – to read, understand and grasp the details of macro economics, micro economics, Keynesian economics, etc etc.

Or you had to understand the legal precepts and the intricacies of learning the law.

I recall in engineering class (I took a minor in industrial engineering) we had to learn thermodynamics. Just the temperature conversion from Celsius to Rankins was a head spinner.

So we went through some tough textbooks and had to do some intensive work before we graduated in our studies.

Then some of you G25 folks went back for more education to get your Masters degrees and your PhDs.

That was real learning. You really had to use your akal.

And you could question and challenge what you were taught.
Students need not accept or believe what was being taught by their professors.

I always thought a simple equation about ‘maximisation of shareholder’s value’ (which was a biblical commandment in finance in the US at that time) was mathematically off. But that does not mean that I would go to hell. My teachers at the university never said that I would go to hell. Or that I should be charged as a financial deviant in the Mahkamah Finance dan Ekonomi.

Why? Because their books were also written by human beings.
Just like Malik or Ibn Ishak or Ibn Hisham.

Why should you “go to hell” if you question Malik or Ibn Ishak or Ibn Hisham?

Hence our modern and scientific education can help to solve real issues and real problems in this world and the life that we live in it.

That is why we are called educated.
Because we are educated.

The religious people CANNOT solve real world issues.

They CANNOT solve problems.

Instead they only create more problems than solutions.

In my view this is what that Study by the G25 really tells me.
That the religious people cause more problems than solutions.
They are not an educated people.

So understand that when you sit and listen to these people you are actually wasting your time. Worse you could be listening to satanic ideas from the Salafis, Wahabis etc.

When you listen to them you are just giving due regard to the uneducated.
You are wasting your time.

Stop inviting these people into your homes for the ceramah this and that.
It was a status symbol – to host these fellows in your homes.
But they brought their stupidity right into your homes.

Stop inviting them.
Do not entertain them.
Do not listen to them.

Stop forwarding all their false and silly ‘religious sayings’.
The Salam Pagi Isnin, Salam Malam Khamis, the Marhaban etc etc.

The only way forward is to return to the Rasul’s true teachings which is the Quran.

For example the Rasul taught us in the Quran :

Surah 4:137

Innal lazeena aamanu – Surely those who believed
thumma kaffaru – then they became kafir
thumma aamanu – then they believed
thumma kaffaru – then they became kafir
thumma azdaadu kaffaru – then they increased in their kafir
lam yakunillaahu – never will Allah
li yaghfira lahum – forgive them
wa laa liyahdee yahum – and He will not guide them to
sabeel – the way

This describes the situation of a person :

  • who believes then becomes kafir
  • then believes then becomes kafir again
  • then increases in his kafir
  • there is no punishment at all prescribed for him.

It just says Allah will neither forgive him or show him the way.
(Which by itself is a terrible punishment.)
And leave it at that.

Now bear in mind – this is in the Quran, in Surah 4:137.

The Quran represents the true teachings of the Rasul.

The Rasul cannot say one thing from inside the Quran and then say something opposite outside the Quran.

61:2 O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do?
61:3 Most abominable in the sight of Allah is that you say what you do not do.

The Rasul cannot cakap tak serupa bikin.

But the religious fellows say that apostates must be killed.
This is opposite to 4:137 above.

This idea of killing apostates is found in the old Jewish teachings.
The Jews said that apostates must be killed.

There is no bridge called siratul mustaqeem in the Quran.
The Zoroastrians have a similar story about the Chinvat Bridge.

So please try to find just one religious practice which you can trace back exactly to the Quran.

Why should you do this?

So that you will understand that when something is stated in the Quran then there is very little room for argument. It is already stated clearly.

When something is NOT stated in the Quran then the debates, differences of opinions, arguments, disagreements and fighting will start.

So give it a shot – try and find just one religious practice that you can trace back exactly to the Quran.

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